Little Chef, Big Appetite, Bigger Heart!

IMG_2751-825x1024We got the inside scoop from the author of the fantabulously brilliant foodie blog, Little Chef Big Appetite of what is sure to be your favorite Halloween/Thanksgiving treat: Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits! Because really, these holidays are all about the dogs, aren’t they? Whether it’s dressing your favorite 80 lb.pit mix in a pink tutu, gently placing tiny devil ears on your tabby’s head (if only for the time it takes to snap that photo), or managing Grandpa as he secretly feeds Fido under the table at your holiday feast, we really do tend to focus on those furry creatures that we can feed and dress up during the fall season.

Travis and Annie?We were so excited to learn that one of our most loyal fosters, Rachel P. is the voice and creative culinary genius behind Little Chef Big Appetite. Rachel’s and her boyfriend Travis’ dedication to fostering is boundless. We know that whenever we need them, they will be there for us, with open hearts for any of the dogs we ask them to give shelter and love to. They are calm, cool, and collected, and our dogs luxuriate in the security that this vibe brings. We know that when we give a dog to Rachel and Travis, if it has any insecurities or “issues” that those will be calmed or completely eradicated by the time the dog gets her forever home.

YumRachel was kind enough to put in a beautifully written plug for fostering in her latest blog post, along with that recipe we mentioned. And speaking of that recipe, let’s put it this way: if your dog had socks, those biscuits would knock them right off! Thank you so much to Rachel for encouraging others to consider fostering for Much Love or any other rescue group in which  they may be interested. For Much Love and others, the more foster parents we recruit, the more animals we can save. It’s a simple equation!

IMG_0549-1024x682Rachel mentioned she might bring a batch of these goodies to the next Much Love Santa Monica Adoption on October 20th, so come on down for a sample (for your dog, of course!).

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