LILY loves life on the road

Mohonk Preserve with LilyHi Much Love!

I adopted Lily from Much Love in October 2009, and the two of us moved to New York City two years later.  Lily is the best travel companion I’ve ever had.  During our two-week cross-country adventure we took back roads all the way across the US, exploring national parks and dog parks along the way.  She loves the car and settled into the motel each night like a veteran traveler.  Since arriving in our new home she has taken to the streets of Brooklyn like a native (except for thunder..she’s not a fan), and we continue to thrive together.  As this photo shows, we get out of the City to go hiking whenever we can (this shot was taken in the Catskill Mountains last summer).  She is the best companion I’ve ever had.

Martha Taimuty

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