Laker Scores From Coast To Coast

Debbie and LakerWe just received this great report from the folks who adopted our beloved Laker–now an east coast dog named Toby (Not Koby!!!):

Toby (formerly Laker) was our third foster dog with Much Love.  I call him a miracle dog because when he came to the West LA shelter, his entire right hip was totally shattered. But when we brought him to the vet for a pre-operation appointment, the vet was amazed because Toby was somehow healing and walking on his own! We fell in love with him as soon as we met him.  In spite of his hip injury, he was so happy to be near us and would collapse into our laps if we sat near him.  Now, a little over a year later, him and his adopted sister Lucy (also a rescue) love to chase each other around the dog park.  We recently moved across the country and they got to experience many places on our drive over, including the Grand Canyon and snow during winter time.  I think that the two of them are enjoying the life they were meant to have!  [flagallery gid=65]


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