Kitty Kallie – Brought in from the cold…

kallie3Kallie was found in a parking lot by two young graphic designers on their way to work. Filthy and starving, she was covered with fleas and clearly afraid. Because the law requires stray animals to be turned into the shelter, Kallie was brought to a nearby facility…and red-listed three days later. She had become depressed, was not eating or drinking, and the shelter staff believed she had gone into shock.

Much Love stepped in and visited Kallie at the shelter. Our board members felt that Kallie would have a chance of recovering if she were in a loving foster home and not in a cage.

Kallie’s medical expenses have been considerable: she has chronic gingevitis and stomatitis – due to prolonged deprivation – and will have to have several teeth extracted. Kallie also developed pneumonia because she had been outside for so long. But because she’s warm and safe, getting the attention and affection she needs from her foster mom, Kallie’s prognosis is good. She’s eating, drinking, purring and on the mend!

Please help us raise money to pay for Kallie’s veterinary care by making a donation! Our goal is $2500, which will cover her bills to date plus the surgery she will need to remove her unhealthy teeth. You can visit our Donate page to donate via PayPal or please send donations to:
Much Love Animal Rescue
PO Box 341721
LA,CA 90034

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