It’s your lucky day – Cheeto is up for adoption!

cheetosamir11The primary focus of Much Love is finding new homes for both dogs and cats. With Cheeto, you get the perfect combination. She has a cat personality in a dog body. Cheeto is an excellent dog for someone who is accustomed to the independent nature of cats but understands the needs and routines of dogs. Despite her current, chubby appearance, Cheeto is in great health. We’ve all had a few extra pounds to shed at some point and Cheeto is no different. She’s currently using a treadmill to burn off those calories. Her favorite form of exercise is a belly rub, which keeps her legs kicking the entire time.

We first met Cheeto, a Jack Russell/Corgi mix, at the West Los Angeles animal shelter in 2008. She was sitting by herself while other dogs playfully jumped around her. While the typical dog would have joined in on the action, Cheeto is a little more picky about which canine companions are worth her time. We told you she was a cat at heart. In fact, she gets along better with cats than she does with most dogs. Cheeto is working with a trainer to become more sociable. The ideal environment for this special dog will be a calm, child-free and stable home. She needs an understanding person or couple to make her feel safe and bring out the affectionate pet she truly wants to be.

Please come meet her at our mobile adoptions or email us at for more information about little Cheeto!

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