It’s time for Strut Your Mutt 2012

It’s that time of the year again, so get out your strutting shoes!

Thank you to everyone who donated last year and helped us crush our goal and raise over $53,000 for our animals. Much Love’s goal this year is to at least reach $55,000 and we would like you to join our team to help us save more lives in 2012.

You can help in a few ways:

* Be a part of the team!  Make a personal Strut Your Mutt fundraising page, choose Much Love as your Network Partner Dog Pack, and with just one simple email to friends and family with a link to your page – you can raise funds for the Much Love dogs and cats.  You can actually strut with us, or make a virtual walker page and raise money from anywhere in the country.  Click on JOIN THIS DOG PACK on our page and get started!


* Make a donation to our  TLC PACK!   We have already had over 20 animals this year who have needed tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical care.  As you know, we will do anything our animals need!  Make a donation to allow us to continue to save the ones who need us the most.

Every dollar can make a difference. There is no donation too small (or too big!).

To learn more about Strut Your Mutt – go to

If you have any questions, email or

Thanks so much for your support!

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