Help Hoppa!


HOPPA UPDATE 10/11 – he was adopted today!  Yay!

First – check out my video to

see how cute I am!  Click here

We need to raise $4,000 for Hoppa’s physical therapy, neurologist visit, and MRI.  Please help!

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Hi I’m Hoppa! They named me that because I hop around! It appears I have a neurological problem that is making it hard for me to use my back legs properly. My legs do not bend so easily – but I still get around just fine! I’m just a baby and have so much to learn. I am starting physical therapy at CARE and hopefully will just get better and better. I am SO adorable and SO sweet! I love everyone! I can go potty just fine and I really don’t even realize I’ve got these leg issues. I need a home where they will continue to help me get better and give me lots of love! If you can’t adopt – if you could please donate to my care I would really appreciate it! 🙂


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