Have you kissed a Pitbull today?

I’ve been around many different breeds in my life, from Chihuahuas to cocker spaniels and golden retrievers, yet pit bulls are still my favorite!
When I was a child, my uncle had two pit bulls: Popeye and Uno. I grew up in a family with 32 cousins, so there were a ton of little ones playing with both dogs, rolling around in the grass, playing chase and acting like maniacs. We LOVED those dogs.
Tia entered my life when she was 2 months old. My boyfriend at the time was serving in the military and about to be deployed for six months. I didn’t want to be in the house alone. He knew that pit bulls were my favorite dog, so as a surprise before he left, he got her for me. It was love at first sight. He became quite jealous of all the attention I gave her… but isn’t that to be expected with puppies?
Tia was spoiled from the start. As we pushed a cart around Petsmart, my boyfriend kept telling me I didn’t need all that, but I didn’t realize the extent of my madness until I got to the register and discovered I’d racked up 500 dollars’ worth. Needless to say, I had to put a few things back.
Shortly after, I was single again.  Tia was my best friend and companion. She gave me all the love I needed to help me through each day. Her wagging tail and her playfulness kept me present in each moment.  We were always going for walks, hiking Runyon Canyon, going to the dog beach and dog park.  Let’s just say Tia got plenty of attention.
The second love of my life wasn’t so lucky. Poor little Bubba was found walking the streets with fleas, a home ear-clipping job and a nasty abscess. A wonderful couple found him and took care of him for a year until they could no longer keep him.
I wanted to get Tia a friend.  I had been looking for about four months, meeting dog after dog, but never feeling like it was the right one.  Luckily, a fellow rescuer had met Bubba at an adoption day and knew we’d be perfect for each other. Bubba is an Argentinean Dogo / Pit bull mix. He’s a BIG boy, about 90 lbs! He’s also one of the sweetest I’ve ever met.
Bubba is a huge sucker for attention. All he wants to do is cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. If you stop petting him, he puts his paw on you – his way of saying “More!”
Anyone who has ever owned a pit bull knows how affectionate they are. They love to be touching humans at all times. They also have the funniest way of sitting on you – literally. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been lying on my bed or the couch and Tia decided my head or my shoulder was the most comfortable place to sit.  Sure, it’s a little awkward, but who doesn’t love a lap dog?
Pit bulls are also very emotionally in tune with their masters. After my boyfriend and I broke up, I was crying every day.  Little Miss Tia would put a paw up on each shoulder like she was giving me a hug, then lick the tears off my face. If she could talk, I know she would have been saying, “ It’s okay, it’s okay, stop crying, I love you.”  She constantly fills my heart with love.
I am so grateful for every moment with Tia and Bubba. They are the silliest, friendliest, most loving dogs. I only wish that everyone recognized this quality about them and their breed. Then each person, and each pit bull, would be filled with Much Love that they deserve.

By Much Love Volunteer Andrea B.

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