Have A Heart: Sponsor Little Cadbury

Cadbury 3Our little chocolate Cadbury egg needs to have some surgery to repair his heart. This is a costly procedure but without it, Cadbury will not make it and will live the rest of his life in extreme discomfort and ill health. If all goes well, he’ll be a happy, healthy young dog! We need your help to subsidize the cost of Cabury’s heart and jaw procedures. Please click on the donate button below to help Much Love pay for Cadbury’s operations.


Here is a description of his case:
Cadbury  rightCadbury has severe pulminary stinosis and the right side of his heart is enlarged. His only chance to survive is a very delicate balloon plasty procedure to try and open the valves or he will go into right-side heart failure and that will most likely be fatal.  Unfortunately, his jaw is also broken and there are cracked/infected teeth that need to be removed as they have also caused lots of infection in the surrounding gum tissue. We can’t fix his broken jaw and mouth until the heart procedure is done because it would require him to be under anesthesia too long so aside from the urgency of his heart being in such bad shape, there’s the added urgency of fixing his jaw/mouth hopefully no more than a week after the heart surgery.
The whole reason we found out about his heart condition is that the shelter said he had a heart murmur, but we thought that was the only issue. We thought it should be checked out just to be safe and if we hadn’t have sent him to the cardiologist and just gone ahead with the jaw surgery he would have probably died on the table.

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