Happy Endings for 2! ERIN & BRIANNA

Dear Much Love,

It has been over 10 years since we got our first Much Love Adoptee, Brianna.  We renamed her Fey.  She was a scrawny little girl rescued from the streets, with kennel cough, allergies, and all kinds of issues.  But she rapidly became our “good girl,” perfectly obedient, able to hike for hours, exceptional with cats and our baby.  A few years ago, a would-be burglar was held at bay by “Fey the Fierce” when he came into our backyard while the humans were gone.  He threw hard metal casings at her, but Fey wouldn’t back down.  Her barking alerted the neighbors, the burglar ran off, and all our valuables were saved.  Fey earned back all those vet bills, and then some, that day.  (And yes, she got liver that night.)  She is white around the muzzle now, but still loves her walks and guards her yard from all would-be intruders (mostly squirrels).

When we wanted to rescue a cat, but were worried we wouldn’t find one who could cope with our cat-chasing dog Woofie, we contacted Much Love.  They chuckled and said, “Oh-ho, do we have the cat for you!  You need to meet ERIN.”  No sooner had Erin arrived then she started eating and hunting for a dog to “play with/ beat up.”  No hiding under the bed for her.  She schooled the eighty-pound Woofie pretty quickly, and they made us laugh when they played every night.  Our son renamed her “Bossy Cat” and she has delighted us with her antics for nearly four years.

Here are pictures of our “Much Loved” animals!  Thanks again for rescuing them.

Catherine & Eric

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