Give Love to the Grown Ups!


Nui is perfect in every way and is available for adoption

Everyone loves puppies, as evidenced by the thousands of You Tube videos documenting their adorable tottering steps and silly antics. But those of us who have adopted adult and senior dogs know the extra special bond that exists when you bring a dog with a few years on her into your life.

An adult dog is more often than not house trained and leash trained. They usually love their walks and games of fetch, but unlike a puppy, they are also content to lay at your feet or on your lap at home while you are working on the computer, reading a book, or just chilling with family and friends. And they all know the value of a good cuddle!

But more than that, an adult dog who has been rescued knows from where it came, and understands that his adoptive family is a really special pack. This results in a deep bond between human and animal, a union that is hard to describe in words. We encourage you to read through our Success Stories on the website—our adoptive families are far more eloquent than we as they recount what  this relationship has meant to them.


4-year old Harry

Adult dogs are categorized as 1-2 years old or older and senior dogs are categorized as 8-years old or older, but we consider that the prime of life! Healthy dogs can live to be 15 or older, and the senior or middle aged dogs we have rescued have enriched their new families’ lives for many years.

Our current adult and senior dogs up for adoption include Nui, HarryMuffler, and Gasket, to name just a few. Please check out all of our dogs and feel free to contact us with any questions, or come and visit these amazing pooches at our weekly adoptions!

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