Get your beach bod ready by fostering for Much Love!

Little SPIN loves bike rides!

Little SPIN loves bike rides!

Are you ready to jump into that summer bikini or ride your bike around town in just board shorts? No?! Well, summer is just a few weeks away and now is the time to develop a fitness plan to get your body beach-ready.

We know shedding those winter pounds can be ruff, but we’ve got some ideas.  Well, really, one really great idea…and it comes with four paws, fur and a tail.  It’s fostering a dog, of course!

Fostering a dog from Much Love is one of the best ways to get fit for summer. Countless studies have shown dog owners get more exercise than non-dog owners. Just recently, researchers from Michigan State University reported that among dog owners who took their pets for regular walks, 60 percent met federal criteria for regular moderate or vigorous exercise. Nearly half of dog walkers exercised an average of 30 minutes a day at least five days a week. By comparison, only about a third of those without dogs got that much regular exercise.

Often working out is much more approachable when you have someone to do it with. But finding a reliable exercise buddy can be challenging. Not when you have a fitness-hungry hound, though. Our foster dogs love to be outside – whether walking, jogging or playing. And, that means consistent exercise (and weight loss) for you, too!

Days spent at the beach, warm breezes, al fresco dinning are almost here, so trade your mid-section paunch for a four-legged pooch and say hello to summer!

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