From Scruffy Killian to Much Love-d Wally

Killian Before and After_edited-1We loooove sharing a good Success Story! Here is one from Killian’s, aka Wally’s new parents: I just wanted to share with you some photos of Wally (Killian)!  He has such an adorable personality now and he’s gradually becoming more social.  He is now friends with my neighbor’s dog as of this weekend. Like no barking, no shaking, no growling just “hey, what’s up” with this other dog.

Here is the family photo Kevin and I took with him as well as with Rachel, his foster parent when we only had him for a week.  And a couple of cute portraits of him around the house since it’s been a month and now that he’s getting comfortable!

[flagallery gid=29 name=”Killian Success Story”]

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