FRANK THE TANK Rolls Into His Forever Home

image-2We got Frank The Tank just a little over a month ago and he’s already part of the family. He and Mickey have become best buds! Frank can be a little skeptical of things and people at first so it’s great to see him follow Mickeys lead and take cues from him. We’ve been working on getting him more comfortable with meeting people and keeping him social. He loves his trips to the dog parks where he can run around with other dogs. He loves playing with toys at home and catching them mid air. David is starting use a frisbee with him in hopes of having a frisbee catching dog. He seems to love it all. He’s a great cuddler and always wants to snuggle right up against us.image-1

On cold mornings he loves to keep our feet warm. We couldn’t be happier having Frank as the newest addition to our family and by the looks of it the feeling is mutual! Thanks to everyone at Much Love for giving us the opportunity to meet Frank. -Suzanne and David


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