Fostering For Much Love Improves Your Social Life

johnSocial life in a slump? Did you know fostering a dog for Much Love can help improve your social life and overall interaction with people?

Here are a few ways man’s best friend cultivates social relationships for his owner:

1) The need for a “w.” Your foster will need walking (at least twice a day is what we recommend), and that forces you to do a few laps in your neighborhood, hit the coffee stand down the road or prance on over to the local farmer’s market. It’s likely you’ll see other dog-owners or solo pedestrians doing the same thing, and naturally strike up a conversation in time. A canine is an incredible social catalyst!

Foster table iphoto2) Much Love provides fosters with any and all supplies they might need, but we won’t stop you from shopping on your own! Like a child, your foster is going to need some things – food, toys, collar, etc. and you may make frequent trips to your local pet store. Most of these pet stores allow dogs, so chances are you’ll have your pup in tow and he’ll start making new friends there…which means you may too! Ask the person standing next to you on the bone aisle if he likes that brand or if the owner of the dog whose dog seems to be playing enthusiastically with yours if you want to set up a play date. Your weekends may start filling up quickly!

3) Officially, we don’t allow foster families to frequent dog parks, but once you adopt a dog, you are welcome to make that decision for yourself. Whether it’s a park or a beach, you and Fido will likely get to know many of the dog-friendly playgrounds in your area. These spaces invite new social situations and you have the opportunity to take advantage of the casual setting and introduce yourself to a few of the fellow four-legged owners. Many will likely be in the same situation as you and not know others there, so go ahead and introduce your dog…and yourself! You may just become mister popular on the playground.

For a list of local dog parks visit:

For a list of local dog beaches visit:

Other pet friendly locations around town:


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