Fostering an Animal: Instant Love

Friend of Much Love George Hobbs wrote this beautiful essay on how fostering for an animal rescue (George was a wonderful foster for Much Love for many years) is a way to give love and get love. A perfect thought as we walk into 2014 with our four-legged friends! You can find this and George’s other brilliant musings on his blog, Hobbs in Babylon. And click here if you’re interested in fostering for Much Love in 2014!

 Little Harriet Hubcap loves her foster parents!

Little Hubcap loves her foster family!

As another new year dawns, many of us are making resolutions, and fantasizing about how this one is going to be different. “2014 will be the year when I find love, happiness and a sense of fulfillment in my life,” we say to ourselves. “This year, I’m going to give something back. I’m going to do my small part, to make this world a better place.”

Are you saying that this year? Is your resolution to reduce stress, bring your blood pressure down, or improve your overall quality of life? Or would you simply like to come home after a long day, and find someone there who is genuinely happy to see you?

If so, I have the resolution you are looking for, and it won’t cost you a penny. All you have to do is add water.

Are you ready? Foster a pet. I didn’t say adopt, I said foster, a cat or dog.

Gladys Knight Dragani

Gladys Knight has thrived in her foster home (photo courtesy of Lisa Dragani)


  • No commitment. Many people get dogs and cats, and then are unable to keep them. If you are fostering, and it doesn’t work out for any reason, simply call the rescue agency and they will come pick the animal up, promptly.
  • No cost. When you foster a pet, the rescue agency usually provides food, a bed, toys, and even bowls if you wish. They also pay all vet bills.
  • Huge rewards. If you haven’t figured out yet that the best you will ever feel is when you are helping one who is less fortunate than you, and nurturing those who are weaker, you now have a chance to witness something truly transcendent.
  • You really can make a difference. I have fostered 22 dogs, and many of them came to me frightened, weak, or neglected. I got to help them and watch them learn to trust again. I’ve had dogs who were once scared of me come to eventually crawl up into my lap. It may not sound like much, and I’m certainly no Bono, but it felt pretty damn good.

So, if you actually want this year to be different, and you want to do something that will make you feel better than losing ten pounds, try fostering a dog or cat. Simply find an animal adoption agency near you and call them. They’ll come out to check you and your house, and they will leave you with something that needs to be loved. And then you will have an opportunity to change your life.

If you can’t foster or adopt, please think about donating to your local rescue agency

Happy New Year!

© George Hobbs Dec. 31 2013