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The majority of the animals that come to Much Love Animal Rescue are from public shelters and are in immediate danger of being euthanized. Although we wish we could place each and every animal that is wandering the streets or belongs to an owner that feels forced to give it up, it is not within our power to take them in. However, there are ways that you, the individual who cares, can help…

Found an animal

Have you found an animal wandering the streets without tags or identification and don’t know what to do next? Much Love Animal Rescue is required by law to take the animal to a local animal shelter where it can have the chance to be reunited with its owner. Please do not contact us about taking in an animal that has not yet been through the LA Animal Services system. However, here are our suggestions on how to take steps on your own to reunite it with its owner.

Rehoming an animal

Although we wish we could help every animal looking for a new home, we are most often unable to take in animals from those who are trying to find a home for an animal in need. Much Love takes in the majority of our animals from the public shelters when the animals are hours and even moments away from being euthanized. However, we hope you will take some of our suggestions on rehoming your animal.