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Calvin is looking for a home!

But, cats are clawing for attention too. Feline friends make fantastic pets, particularly for those wanting a more docile and low maintenance animal around. Here are 10 reasons cats make great house companions:

1.     They don’t need a yard. Bonus for all you apartment-dwellers!

2.     The really need very little space in general and will probably stick to one area once they determine their favorite nesting spot.

3.     They don’t require a lot of attention: just food, water, a litter box and some head scratches now and then.

4.     They can be great cuddlers. If you’re looking for someone (or something) to snuggle with, cats are, well, the cat’s meow!

5.     Playing with them can be as simple as swinging a string back and forth. No fetch toys, no walks, no loud squeaky toys.

6.     Their curiosity is outright comical. Watching a cat watch something interesting can be extremely joyful and put a big smile on your face.

7.     It has been proven that cats can boost your mood.  Apparently, they’re very intuitive.

8.     They are relatively quiet, meaning you can go about your daily business in peace.

9.     They catch and eat things you probably don’t want to cohabitate with.

10.  Their purr will instantly mellow you out.

Pasha has an amazing foster dad but has been up for adoption for too long—she is perfect!

Pasha has an amazing foster dad but has been up for adoption for too long—she is purrrfect!

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