Cat guys wanted!


A good friend of Much Love Animal Rescue is going to be making a short documentary about Cat Guys!  The idea behind the documentary is to highlight real guy’s guys who have cats.  We want to turn the stereotype that real men can’t have cats on their head.  They are looking for fire fighters, heavy metal rockers, foot ball player, etc.  The title of the piece is “It’s Okay to be a Cat Guy”.  This documentary will also promote the importance of rescuing a feline friend instead of buying one.

If you fit the bill or event come close they would love to speak to you.  They will tentatively be shooting towards the end of June/July 2010.   Simply write them an email with your contact information, a brief description of your job and hobbies, and a few pictures and we will get in touch with you.

You can send all this information to the following email address:

Thank you everyone!

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