CAT GUY WEEK – Feb. 7th-13th 2011

FEB 7-13

RECAP: We adopted out 2 cats this week and LA Animal Services adopted out 113!  So great!catguyred

For too long man and his canine friend have dominated the human/pet relationship headlines. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s another union that often goes overlooked. There are men in this country, in this city to be exact, that don’t march to the beat of the doggie drum. They like cats. And although it’s not the norm in society, they are proud to be known as Cat Guys.

At first thought you might think these men to be on the softer side, but truth is they are anything but. They are some of the most manliest, most rugged, most testosterone-filled individuals on the planet. This week we celebrate Cat Guys and hope to add to their ranks.

Much Love and LA Animal Services will be encouraging men to embrace the male/feline bond with a week that is all theirs…

During this week, all guys can adopt a new Much Love feline friend for only $50!

The LA City shelters are offering a discounted adoption rate of $50.50 for anyone who adopts this week!

There are hundreds of cats in our local shelters who would love a man willing to welcome a sweet, little ball of fur into their home.   (All cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.)

Because, after all, It’s okay to be a Cat Guy.

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