Bump, Set, Spike! Much Love “Digs” The Ocean Park Ladies Volleyball Team

Set… spike… donate!

Our angel, Much Love foster Stephanie G. and her baby, Bug the Much Love dog

In 2012, the Ocean Park Ladies’ Open needed an adjuster for their volleyball net, to lower it to the regulation height for women. So they decided to combine their upcoming tournament with a fundraiser to earn the money for the new equipment. The next year, they held another fundraiser, and donated the proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club. This year, they raised $3,631 for Much Love Animal Rescue.
Shih-tzu mix Bug deserves the credit for connecting the two groups. Ocean Park league player Stephanie Goldfinger adopted Bug, formerly known as Paula, from Much Love in 2013. She wants to help other people find wonderful pets like her little Bug. So she suggested Much Love as the non-profit beneficiary of the Third Annual LingerACE Volleyball Tournament.

OP Ladies5

The players joined us at our October 12th adoption to present their generous donation!

A hundred players, both amateur and professional, participated in the doubles tournament on September 13th. While wearing lingerie.
As strange as it may sound, many of the players have found that lingerie actually covers more skin, and provides more support, than the average bikini. Tournament founder Megan Jennings also thinks that the satin and lace “add a fancy touch” to the event.
Much Love gives a big THANK YOU to the generous athletes in the Ocean Park Ladies’ Open Tournament. (article and photos by Lisa K.)