BREWSTER was tired of being abandoned, now he’s just tired!

BREWSTER, now Teddy, and his new BFF Ginger have a great life of love, play, and naps!

Brewster & new BFF Ginger

Hi Christine,
Thank you for the paperwork.
Brewster – now named TEDDY – is amazing.  He and Ginger are absolutely BEST pals.  They are inseparable in fact.  I can’t believe how happy the two of them are together, and that makes us happy.  They spend the whole day wrestling, playing, chasing animals from THEIR backyard, and napping together.  It really has made Ginger a much more “social” dog now too.  That’s what we were hoping for.
We will send you photos.

Is that Brewster under there?

Thank you (and Jessica) for doing the work that you do for these needy, loving little creatures.  It has to be tough.   Keep up the great work, and we’ll be sure to refer you guys if we know of anyone looking to add a pet to their lives.
Thanks again,
Matt C.

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