Black is Beautiful! Adopt a Black Dog or Cat in November

Adopt is the new Black_edited-1Following the lead of Best Friends Animal Society we are dubbing November as “Adopt a Black Dog or Cat” month! For some reason, black dogs and cats are not favored and have a harder time finding forever homes. We know that black is beautiful and we want to encourage potential adopters to check out our black dogs and cats like Isabel, Maxine, Lolita, and Delmore! Anyone who adopts a black dog or cat in November will receive a Much Love goodie bag! Please check out all of our adoptable animals here.

One comment on “Black is Beautiful! Adopt a Black Dog or Cat in November

  • Cathy Arkley says:

    I want to adopt a black male dog! Other than pitbull and Pitbull mixes , our new family member can be any breed or mix – he will love to play with Bailey, our 85 lb wonderful Golden Retriever who has an obsession with playing and being with black dogs. He will also be sweet and gentle with his sister Molly, a 20 lb, 7 year old Cavashon with zero interest in playing with dogs !

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