Big Puppy Paddington Update!

IMG_0195We love and adore Layla so much.  She’s a very good girl and has responded so well to clicker training.  She now fully potty trained; she does sit, stay, come, touch, and wait (she waits patiently until she hears her release command “okay” to eat her meal, enter the door, or play with a new friend).  We are working toward loose leash walking but she still gets distracted by squirrels and crows sometimes so this is a work in progress.  She has lots to learn still so the three of us are starting puppy obedience classes next week and are so excited.  She’s very active and has lots of energy so she loves her morning walks through the Marina and her afternoon visits to the dog park every day where she plays with all her awesome doggie friends.

Attached are some pictures for your website.  We don’t have that many of her standing but she’s definitely grown since we picked her up from her foster home.  She was 35 pounds when we got her and is now a healthy 47lbs at just over 7 months!!!  We are very curious to see how big she will get.
We so appreciate all your help in the adoption process and are so thankful that we found our little girl.  We cannot thank you enough for providing the venue for us to find our furry friend. 

Big hugs to you all and best wishes,
Sara, Chris and Layla Agne 🙂

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