BAGEL is doing great!

Thank you everyone for your generous donations towards BAGEL’S surgery.  He is doing very well and is expected to make a full recovery!  He was adopted soon after his surgery and here is an update from his new family:

photoOscar (formally Bagel)  is doing GREAT!  I wanted to share those photos with you to show how handsome he’s become.  He’s going to the Dr. this week for another check up.  He is moving very well.  He is limited in the activities he shouldn’t be doing, which is great.  He cannot / does not jump off of furniture, bed, etc.  He’s a very happy, playful dog; also very loving.  He loves to be carried around.  He’s also put on 3 pounds as of a week or so ago.  He’s filling out nicely, and overall has been a great addition to my family!  Thank you again for letting him become part of this household!

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