All It Takes Is A Tweet

You tweet to your followers when you hate a movie or when you’ve had a really good lunch.  What if a single tweet could help save an animal’s life?  That’s the opportunity the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation ( is offering with its Rescue Challenge.  The rescue group which gets the most people to follow the @JasonHeiglFound Twitter feed gets a $7,000 grant to pull more homeless animals out of shelters and get them spayed or neutered.  Second prize is a not-too-shabby $3,000 grant.

The Foundation was created by actress Katherine Heigl and her mother Nancy in honor of little brother and animal lover Jason, whose life was cut short by a traffic accident when he was only fifteen.  They work to educate the public, transport animals from high-kill shelters to rescue groups and find homes for rescued dogs and cats.  In September 2010, the Foundation launched the Compassion Revolution, pledging $1 million dollars to fund accessible and affordable spay/neuter programs for all pet owners.

The Rescue Challenge runs through November 29th.   To help Much Love win, follow the Jason Heigl Foundation on Twitter.  Post a message to @JasonHeiglFound, saying that you’re following them in support of #MuchLove.  Then just keep following, and retweeting, to put us at the front of the pack.

As our recent Golden Bone win demonstrated, our supporters have what it takes to conquer a challenge.  This one’s even easier.  All you have to do is tweet.

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