Adorable Odd Couple Need Help!


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Chewey&MSWhen we met these two at the West LA Shelter in April, we knew we had to help!  With the help of an amazing new foster mom and some serious networking across the country, we were able to rescue shelter favorites Chewey & Maggie Sue on April 27th.  (We must add, thanks to the wonderful people at the WLA Shelter, these 2 were receiving exceptional care!)

This bonded pair of a Mastiff Mix & Beagle Mix are the ultimate odd couple!  Big, goofy, silly lovebug Chewey is a 3 year old, 90 lb. boy who is most happy lounging on his dog bed with his little buddy.  For reasons unknown, Chewey’s back legs have severely less muscle mass than is needed to move around his big body.  He often falls and tires very easily and the surgeon said “his hips are a mess”.  We are going to start him in physical therapy immediately to get those muscles strong!  If the medication and physical therapy do not work after a month, we will have to do surgery.  In addition, he has a severe bacterial infection in his eyes that he is on 2 meds for.  Hopefully his eyes will feel better soon!

Little Maggie Sue is a happy girl who loves everyone!  She is petite and cuddly and loves to cover everyone with kisses.  We will all enjoy the kisses much more once she has her teeth cleaned! 🙂  Maggie Sue needed serious dental work and had a complete cleaning and 8 teeth pulled on 5/1.  She is doing great!

So, as you can see – these 2 special dogs not only desperately need a forever home together, but a little TLC as well!  We have received some generous donations already from all over the country – but need much more to give cover their medical costs.  We will do everything they need to make them healthy and happy!  They deserve it!

Please donate to Chewey & Maggie Sue and spread the word about them!

[paypal-donation reference=”ChewyMaggieSue”]

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