What We Do

Much Love Animal Rescue exists to rescue abused, neglected and homeless animals from the streets and shelters of Los Angeles and place them in loving homes. Much Love is a 100% non-profit organization run primarily by dedicated volunteers who offer their time and resources to house, train, transport and care for these animals. Since its inception in 1999, Much Love has placed over 3,500 animals into loving homes.


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our Tax ID# is 95-4765624.

Much Love is dedicated to the following goals:

  • Rescuing stray animals from animal shelters who have not been adopted and are scheduled to be euthanized. Much Love takes the animals who have been in the shelters the longest and will die unless rescued.
  • Providing medical care to neglected, abused and injured animals.
  • Rehabilitating hard-to-adopt animals and finding them loving homes.
  • Promoting the importance of spaying and neutering pets in order to drastically reduce the number of unwanted animals on the street.
  • Educating children and adults alike on responsible pet guardianship.
  • Ultimately, securing a no-kill facility where rescued pets can be safely sheltered without the threat of euthanization until we find adoptive parents for them.

Why we do it

An estimated 2 million animals are euthanized each year in the United States

That is 168,000 a month

Over 5,500 each day

Until that number is zero, we will continue to do what we do

What we do

Our primary focus is finding safe, loving homes for unwanted, neglected and/or abused animals. We rescue dogs and cats from Los Angeles area shelters who could be loving pets, but are about to be put to sleep due to overcrowding, illness or disease.

Much Love spays or neuters every animal we take in, gives them required vaccinations and microchips each animal to ensure if they are ever lost, we will always be contacted.

Much Love takes particular care in placing our animals, pure and mixed breed alike. Our screening process includes an application and a visit to the potential owner’s home to ensure the home and family is compatible with the pet’s needs and our requirements. We ask adoptive owners to sign a detailed contract obliging them to give the animal a loving home.

How we do it

Much Love is run primarily by volunteers who are dedicated to raising funds, fostering and caring for the animals and participating in weekend mobile adoptions until homes are found for these amazing pets.

Much Love also relies heavily on our foster program which introduces animals into a family environment and gives them the love they crave. All of our cats are in foster homes and our dogs are either in foster homes or doggie daycares.

Much Love has weekly mobile adoptions for our animals where we show off our animal friends and interview potential parents.  To meet an animal during the week, email info@muchlove.org.


  • Niki Wior


  • Nikki Ferraro
  • Ruthanne Secunda
  • Cindy Holdorff
  • Lauren Williams


  • Christine DeVera


  • Bernadette Wysocki


  • Dr. Reshma Bijlani, D.V.M.
  • Dr. Annie Harvilicz, D.V.M.
  • Andrew Galker, Esq.
  • Dr. Karen Heard, D.V.M.
  • Theresa Macellaro


  • Pardee Properties
  • Cindy Chvatal
  • Estate of Mary Sinclair
  • Ariadne Getty
  • Tracey Jacobs
  • Rover Kennels
  • Lisa Klink
  • Margaret & Peter Lewis
  • Lost Planet
  • Sue Naegle
  • Pamela & Jules Nelkin
  • Andrea Pett Joseph
  • Cynthia Pett Dante
  • Tori Spelling
  • Stuart Foundation
  • Erin Sundell
  • United Talent Agency
  • Dana Walden

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10 comments on “What We Do

  • Nancy Wolf says:

    Please email info@muchlove.org and we can explain how we can assist you in finding a new home for your dog. We are not able to take the dog on as a Much Love dog.

  • Nancy Wolf says:

    All of our dogs are listed on the website. If you are interested in one of them please submit the application to adopt which is available on the website as well. Our adoption events are held every Sunday in Santa Monica from 10:30-3 PM if you want to come meet any of our dogs.

  • Nettie Banks says:

    Do you pick up lost abandon Baby kittens. In Los Angeles Calif

  • Nancy Wolf says:

    No, we cannot legally take animals off of the streets into our rescue. The law requires that animals be considered lost and go to a shelter to give any possible owner a chance to reclaim.

  • Sav says:

    How do you get pets to their homes? Would you ship/fly the pets over with a ‘Worker’ who would check the house and such and if they approve give the pet?

    Am I able to adopt a pet from Australia?

  • Nancy Wolf says:

    We only adopt to homes in the Los Angeles area.

  • Milan says:

    I am interested in finding out what the adoption fee for the dogs are

  • Nancy Wolf says:

    Our adoption fee for puppies is $300 and for adult dogs over 1 year it is $250. All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated for their age.

  • Lonna Vida says:

    I wanted to share a story with Nikki Ferraro as she placed us with the best Choc Lab ever Cocoa. We received her in 2003/2004 and just a few weeks ago Valentine’s Day we lost her. She was an absolute angel and we wanted to tell Nikki and Much Love how lucky we were to have her. A huge thank you for bringing her into our lives.

  • Nancy says:

    Thank you for giving her such a wonderful life. We’re so sorry for your loss.

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