A Plea For Paddington


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Sweet little 3 month old Paddington was rescued in October from a LA City Shelter.  Because of her terrible case of mange, which is completely treatable, she was never going to be seen by the general public.  Even if she was, who would be able to see beyond her wrinkly skin to her true beauty?  Paddington is a typical, silly pit puppy.  She enjoys squeaky toys and bouncing around with people.  We are confident she will grow back her brindle coat and be beautiful both inside and out.  But we could use your help. Medicated dips and baths plus supportive antibiotic treatments are going to be part of her routine for a couple of months.  And, with winter coming, poor little Paddington will need warm bedding and a sweater or two!  You can help by sponsoring Paddington, donating any sum to offset her medical costs, or adopt her.

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