5 Lucky Dogs from East Valley’s Medical Ward

Much Love went to the East Valley shelter on Monday June 4th after a shelter worker called all the rescues because she had never seen so many dogs in the medical ward who needed to be saved.  These animals do not meet the public – so their chances are slim of ever making it out.

We went to the shelter promising to take 2, and we took 5.   To say it was a rough day is an understatement.  There were at least 30 dogs who needed us.  When they look into your eyes from their cages and they are sick or injured – it’s so hard to leave them behind.

The new crew are named after some of the wonderful employees at Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors whose generous donation allowed us to even go to the shelter that day.  Because of them, these 5 get to live and have a happy life after we find them forever homes.

After just 2 days at the vet, our costs are already in the thousands – far exceeding the budget for the pull. Anderson had surgery on his broken leg the day we dropped him off and Kayne is having surgery on his injured leg today.  As you can tell, little Keys will take some serious TLC!

Please help! These pups needs funds and fosters!  Email foster@muchlove.org if you can foster.

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