Status: Adoptable
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Shepherd mix
Size: Medium (21-45 Pounds)
Age: Senior (8+ years)
Gender: Female
Hair: Medium
Colors: Black/Brown
Pattern: Solid
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Notes & Info


When we saw Violet’s shelter picture and read that her former family dumped her there at the age of 18 because they didn’t have time for her, we just couldn’t believe it. Eighteen? How could anyone give up on her at that age? It was just so wrong! The shelter reported that she was friendly and sweet and in surprisingly good health for her age. We pulled her to safety and realized her former guardians apparently didn’t have time to feed her or groom her either. She was very skinny but we got her back up to a healthy weight. Although she is a little stiff in the joints, she still moves really well  — you have to work to keep up with her on walks! She is not blind but her vision is limited and although she’s not deaf, her hearing is dulled. Despite her challenges, she still loves to be outside smelling all the smells! She loves to nap and eat and roll in the grass. She is good with other dogs and even cats. She is housebroken. This super senior deserves to be celebrated and loved not discarded like a worn out sofa. Violet would do best in a home where she doesn’t have to climb a lot of stairs as they are a challenge mostly with her eyesight. She also can be startled because of her dulled senses so we think a home without young children would be best. When you meet her you won’t believe how much strength and life she still has left and we want her to enjoy every day she has.