Status: Adopted
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Tibetan Spaniel Mix
Size: Small (11-20 Pounds)
Age: Young (1 to 3 years)
Gender: Female
Hair: Medium
Colors: Black & Tan
Pattern: Patches
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    Update from her foster: Tennille is the perfect little dog—she loves other dogs, loves walks and playing, but also loves just getting affection and hanging out at home. We adore her, and know she will make someone and their dog the perfect new addition to the family.

    Tennille wrote her own bio because she is a sweet little diva like that:

    I was sitting at the south la shelter and I was so terrified that no one wanted me because I was scared and would not walk on my leash. Once the much love volunteer had the patience to take me out I came out of my shell. When we were driving away from that awful place I was kissing her and was so excited. I am on the calm side and just can’t wait to have a home I can call my own. I am only 1 1/2 years old and I am cute a button.

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    8 comments on “Tennille

    • Louise Lussier says:

      Is she still available, I saw her last week in Santa Monica. She is so sweet.

    • Krissy Goodman says:

      Hi Louise—yes Tennille is available and will be back at the Sunday adoption. You are welcome to fill out an application for her online (does not obligate you in any way) and come and see her again if you like!

    • Anne Weiss says:

      Is Tenille still available? I am interested! She is gorgeous.

    • Krissy Goodman says:

      Hi Anne:

      Tennille is still available and she is fantastic! She will be at our Barks, Bubbles, and Brews event at Angel City Brewery this Sunday—come on down and meet her!

    • Doreen Delgado says:

      How is she with toddlers and cats? What is her energy level? She is a cutie pie!

    • Susan Jackson says:

      Tennille is the perfect little dog! I spent the day with her at the Santa Monica adoption event. She is amazing! She is interested in everything that is going on, be it with people or with other dogs. She is friendly and sweet and loving. She isn’t hard to handle on a leash at all and can keep it slow and probably also run or jog a bit. And I kept telling her that she is the BEST ONE at “sit!” She is! And every time she did it she would look up at me as if to ask “Did I do it right??”) She was gentle with the children who came by, even the young ones. If I could keep a dog and had a yard, I would take her in a heartbeat. She has a gorgeous coat and she is just a beautiful little girl. Tennille is a special one!

    • JillKate says:

      Will Tennille be at the July 14 SM adoption event?

    • Krissy Goodman says:

      Yes! She will be there with bells on!

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