Louise running
Status: Adoptable
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Terrier mix
Size: Small (11-20 Pounds)
Age: Young (1 to 3 years)
Gender: Female
Hair: Medium
Colors: White
Pattern: Solid
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    Notes & Info

    Dogs OK!

    UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER–AMAZING PROGRESS!  Louise is constantly smiling, happy, spunky, super jealous ;), super loyal and loving, very connected, my most dedicated “side kick” ever 😉

    We both love her. She’s not a barker, sleeps in her bed until the morning snuggles, has the cutest little nose in the world. She’s still fearful in certain moments but by now she knows that no one will really hurt her so she stopped running away when I want to brush her etc. just crawls for a second but gets happy after and wants more. I even brushed her teeth and she was laughing 😉
    She also brings me flowers!!! For real! When she feels like maybe I’m not paying enough attention to her she runs outside and comes back with a flower and puts it at my feet… I swear I’m not crazy :)) Kyle and my aunt have witnessed it.

    FROM HER FOSTER (one week after we got Louise out of the shelter):

    Louise is (obviously!) a super sweet girl, very smart and fast learning (although rather by firm command than any cookie, for which she would unfortunately never come right now), and will be a stunning longer hair little terrier! She was covered with ugly knots and crazy face hair 😉 so I did some trimming and shampooing and she is absolutely gorgeous now.

    She is very timid, but she has been showing many signs of happiness already, she raced a bunch, and for sure has fantastic potential. With every hour she’s getting happier and happier and, even though still very fearful, she comes to me all the time trying to make connection and learn to snuggle a human 😉


    She seems to be house trained, or at least hasn’t had any accidents, slept through the night and pooped outside right away when we opened the door to the yard in the am, which means she was waiting.


    She doesn’t know how to play and is too shy anyway, BUT she loves tennis balls and brings them to us – the cutest thing ever.


    She also doesn’t know what to do on the walks, or with a dog bed… She slept fine though (somewhere), and was happy to jump into our bed in the morning and excited to say good morning, although no kisses yet.


    Knowing how we keep our energy very stable and watch our every move to help her improve, I would say she is probably not a good match for a home with kids. She also got freaked out (like a panic mode) by a big black dog who was old and sweet and on the other side of the street, far away. But it could have been the owner/man too. Maybe they reminded her of something bad.


    6 comments on “Louise

    • Janelle says:

      I am interested in this dog to foster but I need her to be housetrained already, is she?

    • Krissy Goodman says:

      Yes, Louise is house trained!

    • Breanna says:

      Hey! Are you still looking for someone to adopt her?

    • Krissy Goodman says:

      Yes we are!

    • Breanna says:

      I am looking for a quiet, sweet, and cuddly companion- and Louise sounds perfect! I am living in an apartment right now so I don’t have access to a yard. Do you think she would be able to be trained on a wee-wee pad? I have a small patio I could put them on and let her out to use the bathroom throughout the day.

    • Krissy Goodman says:

      Louise is a wonderful young gal who enjoys going on walks, so that would be the perfect way to get her energy out AND for her to do her business. Please come by our adoption this Sunday at 2515 Main Street in Santa Monica from 10:30am-2:45pm to meet her and if you are interested in moving forward you can fill out an application for her. Thanks Breanna!

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