anise in pet store
Status: Adoptable
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Staffy mix
Size: Medium (21-45 Pounds)
Age: Adult (3 to 8 years)
Gender: Female
Hair: None
Colors: Black
Pattern: Solid
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    Notes & Info

    Small Dogs OK! Kids OK!

    We love Anise! She is very affectionate and loves a good back scratch and belly rub. She is housebroken and whines to let you know she needs to go out! She loves finding a patch of sun to lie in or cuddling up at your feet, but she also wants to go outside and run around to burn some energy. She is the perfect size and the perfect temperament!  But be aware: she does not play well with other dogs! She is great with children and adults, but cannot be around dogs without supervision. Besides that, she is great on a leash, very loving and would be the perfect fit for your home! We will miss her when she finds her forever family!

    Anise is so loving that nothing fazes her positive attitude. She was pulled with a horribly infected uterus and torn ACL, but you would never know meeting her. All she wants is to give and receive love! Female, adult, Staffie blend, approx. 32 lbs. Pulled from the East Valley Shelter.

    2 comments on “Anise

    • Rob says:

      Hi there,

      I’m interested in hearing more about fido. I am a young active person in my late 20’s and looking into adopting a dog. I do work 40 hours a week but I have an appt/house that has a yard and decent sized 1 bedroom place. Is he mellow and would do well alone during the day? I would need a dog that could sleep during the day without getting too anxious.

      Let me know.


    • Krissy Goodman says:

      Hi Rob: I think you mean Anise! Please feel free to come to our Sunday adoption in Santa Monica at 2515 Main Street to meet all of our dogs! Details are on the home page of the website.

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