River River2

River is ready to run and overflow your home with love! He’s a smart boy and just needs a little more time to heal from a broken pelvis, but he’s doing well and will be good as new very soon. River was a shelter staff favorite and he was stuck there for two months because…

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Stormy Stormy3edit

This unique-looking guy is friendly and eager to find a home where he can ride out life’s ups and downs with some loving companions. He suffered some eye trauma, but the doctors said he is healing and we don’t need to worry about him losing an eye. Stormy is quite a character and makes the…

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Moose moose2

He’s a sweet little terrier mix that seems to always look like a puppy. He loves playing fetch and going for walks. He gets a bit stressed out by loud noises and little kids so unfortunately he’s not a great dog for a home with young children. He will be great in a calm but…

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Virginia Virgina2

Virginia is the most outgoing of the bunch. Is learning to do well on the leash. We are not sure about potty training yet, but she’s very smart so we think she will learn quickly! She’s very affectionate. She is very bonded to her sister Carolina and we want to adopt them into a home together.

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Carolina Carolina2

Someone dumped a family of five dogs together at the Carson Shelter. We pulled the four that had not been adopted. Carolina is the shyest of the group, but she still gave us kisses and let us pet her on the car ride home! She’s a little timid on the leash, but that’s to be…

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Dakota Dakota

Dakota is very much like her mate Virginia, pretty outgoing once she warms up. Walks on the leash and very affectionate. Still a bit shy and unsure of all the changes she’s experienced, but definitely wants love and is ready to move into a home.

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Georgia Georgia

NEEDS FOSTER ~ She’s a little shy at first, but has a big personality once she gets to know you and feels comfortable. She’s very comfortable with her family so she would probably do best in a home with another dog who can show her the ropes.

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Dole Dole3

This guy is beyond cute! Dole is a bit on the shy side at first, but he’s as sweet as a pineapple pie and will be the best treat you could ever bring home! He’s good with other dogs, active and irresistible.

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Wilma Wilma14.crop

Wilma is a gorgeous German Shepherd. She is gentle and loving with people. UPDATE FROM HER PREVIOUS FOSTER: Wilma is such a great dog!  She has already perfected leash walking and she always stays by your side and rarely walks in front of you. We’re gradually working on getting her comfortable with passing dogs, however she’s more eager…

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Poppy poppy2

She’s as sweet and lovely as a flower. Poppy is perfect on the leash and great with all other dogs and very playful. She loves belly rubs and to shower people with kisses in return.

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Cinna Cinnasweater

Cinna came into the shelter with critical bite wounds on his torso. He was in terrible pain. Much Love took him from the shelter to the vet where he had surgery to repair the wounds. He’s all healed up and good as new now. Even with all that he has been through, Cinna is a very…

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Cato Cato4

Meet Cato! He’s a Tri-colored, Cavalier Spaniel mix. He’s an adult and is very sweet and playful. He wants to be with his human for warm snuggles! UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: Cato will live to be your second set of eyes. This loving boy has got your back! He sticks to his people like glue, but…

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Galen Galen3

Our senior little man is a tiny Chihuahua mix. He may be a senior, but boy does he have personality. He’s not crazy about big dogs but anybody around his size he’s just fine with. He’s got a fractured paw but with some TLC is on his way to being the perfect pup.

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Waldo Waldoxmas

He’s a spunky white toy poodle. He’s an adult and weighs a little over 10lbs. He just wants to cuddle. He was dropped off in the parking lot of the shelter so we scooped him up before he ever got inside. Waldo is loving and good with other dogs. A little shy at first, but…

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Katniss katniss

Katniss is a beautiful young female blue Pitbull. She like her namesake has a heart of gold. She is very friendly loves people and other dogs. She’s all kisses and waggy tail. Katniss is very smart and submissive. She’s recovering from a fractured arm but thankfully won’t need surgery. She should be all healed up…

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Snow Snow3

Meet Snow. Snow is a handsome Silky terrier. He is young and sweet as can be.  He loves other dogs, but is shy at first with people. Once he warms up he will follow you everywhere and happily jump into your lap if you invite him. He is an affectionate, loving boy who loves to…

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Peeta Peeta

Meet Peeta- he really should own the place. He’s very confident for such a silly looking dog. Look at that handsome under bite! He’s a young guy, and has lots of energy. He loves to go on walks, play with other dogs, and show off how cute he is. He came from the shelter but…

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Prim Prim

Meet Prim. She is a really prim and proper young lady when she’s all cleaned up. She’s still dealing with some nasty bite wounds on her neck at the moment. Don’t be too alarmed, she’s going to be just fine. We got her out of the shelter just in time. She had surgery to repair her…

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Andres andres3

Andres is a male Lab/Shepard mix from Guatemala. He was brought to Mayan Families, a rescue organization in Guatemala, with an infected eye and quite skinny. He lived there for 2.5 years and just arrived in the U.S. after one of our volunteers saw him during a visit. His eye was removed but he gets around fine. He…

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Rodillas Rodillas

Rodillas is a year old Lab mix from a small town by Lake Atatlin in Guatemala. She was brought to Mayan Families, which runs rescue group in Guatemala, as a puppy because her back legs were slightly deformed. She is super sweet and active and gets around with a significant limp but can still run and play. Her disability…

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