Melon melon2

Summer vacation and a playful puppy are a perfect combination! Melon is a sweet and friendly girl who loves other dogs and people too. She will need training since she’s a puppy, but she so much fun and so smart that training will be just another fun summer activity.

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Jello Jello2

Hello Jello! He’s a sweet treat for sure! Mellow Jello is a senior gent who is great with other dogs and adores attention from people. With a lot of wiggle in his walk, Jello is very overweight and will need someone who can make him stick to a diet and increase his activity level to…

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Louise Louise running

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER–  Louise is constantly smiling, happy, spunky, super jealous ;), super loyal and loving, very connected, my most dedicated “side kick” ever 😉 We both love her. She’s not a barker, sleeps in her bed until the morning snuggles, has the cutest little nose in the world. Louise has a lot of energy. She…

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Carley carley3

Carley is a mellow and friendly girl. She gets along with other dogs and enjoys attention from people. She’s a going to make a devoted companion for an individual or a family.

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Soda Sodasolo

Soda is a gorgeous yellow lab/shepherd mix. She’s great around other dogs and is very bonded with her brother, Pop. They have never been separated so we want to find a home where they can stay together. They are so calm, relaxed and well-behaved. They know sit, stay and lie down and are so gentle. They…

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Pop Popsolo

Pop is a handsome yellow lab/shepherd mix. He’s great with other dogs and very bonded to his sister, Soda. They’ve never been separated so we want to keep them together. They are so calm, relaxed and well-behaved. They know sit, stay and lie down and are so gentle. They are ready to move in and fill a home…

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Anise Anise in the park3

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: We love Anise! She is very affectionate and loves a good back scratch and belly rub. She is housebroken and whines to let you know she needs to go out! She loves finding a patch of sun to lie in or cuddling up at your feet, but she also wants to…

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Amsterdam Amsterdam CU

He’s such a sweet and playful little pup. He looks like a tiny shepherd and it’s just too adorable! He’s smart and ready to learn but he needs someone committed to providing him the training that puppies require. He will be a fun and loving addition to any family or home.

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Franklyn Franklynsteps

Franklyn is a bundle of energy, which isn’t surprising for a herding breed like him. He has a high prey drive so he would do best in a home without cats. He gets along great with other dogs. He is still learning how to live indoors but is making progress. He loves to cuddle and…

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Walter walter5

Meet Walter. Walter is the sweetest soul you will ever meet. He is shy at first but once he warms up he is quite a funny character. He loves his people, dogs, and cats. He is happy to just hang out with you and ideally another small dog. Walter was rescued from an LA County…

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Milan milan

Milan is a sweet boy who is good with other dogs and loves people. He’s a great medium size and has the softest fur! He will be an amazing companion for an individual or a family.

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Huggie huggie

He’s a cheerful, bright, beautiful and a healthy athletic male Chihuahua mix. He loves to play with children and other dogs. Do you have any that he can play with? He’s a very loyal pooch when he has someone to love. He gets very attached to his people but he’s friendly with everyone. Don’t you have room for…

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Capri Capri2

Capri is another happy terrier mix girl. She’s shy and oh so sweet and best buddies with her sister Verona. With some TLC to help them build their confidence, these ladies will be the perfect duo!

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Verona Verona

She’s a happy little terrier mix. She starts out very shy, but is so very sweet. Loves her sister Capri. They would love to stay together, but are independent enough to do well on their own separated.

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Berlin Berlin3

This amazing and goofy boy is a Shih Tzu mix. He’s housebroken and is great with other dogs. He’s got the longest legs and the cutest face! His personality is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  

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Dublin Dublin3

He’s a delicious purebred Dachshundand and would be happy to say “top o’ the mornin’” to you every morning! He’s all kisses. He should really be in a home with another dog as he’s very social. He’s housebroken and very playful.

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Florence Florence3

What an adorable little lady she is! She’s a Pug Chihuahua mix or as we like to say, Chug.  She’s got the yummiest underbite grin. Housebroken, loves kids, loves other dogs and loves people. She’s a total cuddle bug and is ready to fill your home with love.

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Jameson Jameson2

This little tri-color character will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside just like a sip of his namesake! He’s a smooth operator and fairly mellow despite still being a puppy. He is great with everyone, dogs and people alike.

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Kahlua kahlua2

This sweet puppy was back in medical at the shelter with big lacerations on her front leg. We are getting her all fixed up by one of our vets and expect her to heal completely and be romping and playing in no time. She will need lots of training because all puppies need training, but…

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Porter Porter

Porter is pretty much perfect! He starts out shy but quickly seeks to share his love and get some in return. He’s mellow and will be an outstanding companion for an individual or a family.

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