Byron Byron

Byron is a strapping 4 year old Boxer. In his first four years of life he’s spent much time with both human beings and canine companions. He does not discriminate no matter age, breed or gender. That being said, he does prefer companions with lots of energy and love to share. He currently lives in an apartment with…

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Gus Gus

Gus Gus gusgus2

Gus Gus is young, but he’s potty trained, well-behaved and sweet as sugar!  He loves to cuddle and he loves kids and other dogs.

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Lana (fka Mama)

Lana (fka Mama) mama by lee

This young beauty is such a sweetheart and looooves to play! She is potty trained, great with other dogs, and her foster reports she adores snuggles and kisses from humans and canines alike!

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Anushka Anushka1

Anushka is a young, playful Terrier/Chihuahua mix girl. She loves giving kisses, other dogs, cuddling under the covers and playing fetch as she has a lot of energy. She is house broken and crate trained.

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Harmony Harmony6

NEEDS FOSTER! Harmony is a sweet, loyal and loving gal. She loves to snuggle up and will try to make her 60 lb body as small as possible in order to be a “lap” dog. Her day is filled with lounging and napping but still will play tug of war and hop and spin around…

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May May

Miss May is pretty irresistible with her warm brown eyes and soft silky coat. She’s mellow and friendly and will fit in easily with a new home.

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Asteroid Asteroid 2015

Our dear little Asteroid has been returned to us—through no fault of her own! FROM HER FORMER ADOPTER: Asteroid has been such a wonderful dog and I’m going to miss her terribly. She is always so happy, loves to play fetch, loves to play with her leash when you walk her (a little tug of…

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Benji Benji ears

Sweet little corgi chihuahua mix Benji was born in February 2015 and we are pretty sure he’s receiving frequencies from Mars with his adorable radar ears! He loves all beings—dogs, cats, kids! He is recovering from Demodex mange but will be healthy in no time.

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Jacques 2015-la

In honor of the movie Cinderella we bring you Jacques, the lovable mouse who will turn into your best friend for life when the clock strikes midnight! He is sweet and great with other dogs.[flagallery gid=156]

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Rocky Rocky face

FROM ROCKY’S FOSTER: I love this little guy and would love to see him go into a dream home you guys always manage to find. It would be great if someone was home with him or could take him to work. I love having him, he is a big lug who tries to eat everything,…

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Lucy Lucy Take Me Home_edited-1

APRIL UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Lucy is the sweetest, calmest and well-behaved dog! She’s a bit shy at first but after a few days of getting to know you, totally warms up and will be your best friend and follow you everywhere. She loves to ride shot-gun with you in the car and loves her walks!…

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Rosie aka Accuvant

Rosie aka Accuvant Accuvant8

NEEDS FOSTER! Miss Rosie is a loving 2 yr old Chihuhua/terrier mix. She loves people, snuggling, walks on the beach and being a great friend. She is house trained, wonderful with kids/babies and other dogs. She’s up to date on all of her shots. She weighs about 12lbs This adorable Chihuahua mix was originally named after Accuvant,…

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Jorah Jorah cute cu

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: Jorah aka Buddy because that is what he is! Jorah is the best! He is loving, house trained, great with kids, dogs, anyone and everyone. Loves to play fetch. He is perfect to squire you around town. He is cuddly and loves nothing more than to play play play.  He is super…

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Dear Abby: You are so cute, sweet, good with other dogs and people. You seem perfect—what should I do? Sincerely, Doggone Smitten Dear Smitten: The solution is easy—bring me home and make me a part of your life today!

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Costello Costello-01

This guy is as funny as his namesake! Brother to Abbot, born on December 15, 2015. An adorable lab mix puppy!

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Abbott Abbott-01

Hey Abbott! This little jokester is Costello’s brother of course—they were born December 15, 2015 and are playful and sweet. He’s the best!

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Madras 2015-la

FRESH SPRING UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Just an little update: Madras is doing so well. She loves her walks and especially loves running around the park off leash. She runs like a puppy, so cute. We think any active person who wants a chill dog and likes to take long walks would be a great match…

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Posh Posh3

Posh has her white gloves on—every paw!—and is “pet” a porter for any occasion! This little Italian Greyhound mix will spice up your life: She is just precious and loves everyone!

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Royal Royal Laughing in Box

This guy is a royal….honeypie! He just sidles up to you to give and get love. He is playful with other dogs and easily joins any pack.[flagallery gid=160]

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Windsor is the regal hit to the terrier shepherd mix throne. He and his sister Buckingham are keeping it classy for us at Much Love. He is a lover, a playa, and a foodie! Born 12/10/14.

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