Ralphie Ralphie

Stud alert! This energetic loving boy would be so psyched to go on jogs with you. He is a perfect companion for an active person, couple, or family.  

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Rae Rae

UPDATE ON MS. RAE FROM ONE OF OUR VOLUNTEERS: I can’t say enough good things about Rae. She is amazingly sweet and loving. Very easygoing. I took her to the park yesterday and she did great! Rae is a quiet, easy going lab mix who is the most gorgeous chocolate color. She knows her commands and…

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Sawyer Sawyer, que lindo!

Sawyer is definitely a puppy! He looks like a wolf head stuck on an otter’s body! He might be a shepherd/dachsund mix? He’s hilarious, doesn’t know his name yet, and is really sweet. He’s shy at first, but warms up quickly. He learned to go up and down stairs yesterday with encouragement. He loves to run in…

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Randy Randy in repose

This little guy is shy at first, so if you are a mellow and understanding sort, please consider taking him into your home and continuing to help him see that all humans aren’t to be feared. He loves to play, loves to snuggle, and is great with other dogs. He is potty trained.

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Noah Kid and dog2

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: He’s been absolutely lovely, won’t leave my side inside or outside (in a good way), is potty trained, and is generally very sweet! Here is a movie of Noah,  and 2 other Much Love cuties who need homes, Jonah and Jennifer: Cute dog movie 11.14.14 

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Archibald SONY DSC

Adorable Archibald is on the right in this photo. He’s a 1-year old terrier mix, potty trained whose owners surrendered him at the shelter. We luckily scooped up this adorable, sweetie, and now he can be yours!

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Rooney Rooney on the move

This beautiful terrier mix boy is wonderful with children and other dogs. His foster reports he’s the best dog he’s ever fostered: just a chill, sweet companion who is house trained, loves to play, go on walks, and then relax at home.

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Rico Rico

NEEDS FOSTER! Our Rico is one suave guy! He’s got the looks, charm, and he loves to have fun. Rico is a true sweetheart under all that swagger, he is very loving with people and can play with all his dog buddies for hours. He would be great with children and seems to even like cats….

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Denise aka Tracey

Denise aka Tracey ???????????????????????????????

This low-riding gal is a wonderful companion: she loves to go on walks as much as she loves to chill at your side while you do work on the computer or watch a Homeland marathon. She’s down for whatevs!

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Reina ???????????????????????????????

This little lady is the queen of sweethearts! She is shy and has been through a lot, so just needs a loving home to help her come out of her shell.

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Madonna Madonna t-shirt

MADONNA HAS A SPONSOR ANGEL! A generous volunteer has paid Madonna’s adoption fee, and anyone who adopts her will not have to do so. This little lady deserves the angelic gift and the designation it brings, she is such a special girl! Madonna is simply an angel. Everyone who meets her melts and wants to…

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Maki ???????????????????????????????

We’re on a roll with this adorable Maltese gal. She is 2-3 years old and will be a pirate for Halloween!

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Nemo Nemo

“Hi! I’m Nemo, a 10 lbs, 5 year old, Papillon/Mini-Australian Shepherd mix. When I was pulled from a high kill shelter, I was depressed and scared but am now quickly blossoming into a super sweet, happy go-lucky guy! I am truly a Pap-Ausi mix as I am one-person-orientated yet am more of an adventures/curious type…

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Petey Petey

This little cutie is ready to rooooollll into your home. He is a sweet and loving Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix pup!

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Pickle Pickle at 11.1 adoption

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: For my first Chi mix I think I won the jackpot!  He is fun to play with but loves nothing more than curling up on the couch and getting a belly rub. Who wants a pickle on a roll? This adorable young chihuahua mix is ready to barrel into your heart and…

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Cash CashCU

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: We love this little guy! Cash is such a lap dog and does all my errands with me. This sweet little terrier mix just wants to play and snuggle! Great with other dogs and loves to sit in your lap!

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Cruz cruz takes flight!

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: Cruz is doing really well! he really warms up after he gets used to you… loves playing fetch with the toy we bought him and outside of day one, hasn’t messed in the house at all. he’s a great dog and super adorable. Cruz is ready to “cruise” on into your…

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Avocado Ken and dog

We’ve got a tiny little side dish who is as good for your heart and soul as his namesake!

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Lettuce Lettuce Pretty Boy

Lettuce entertain you with this one-year old poodle mix who kind of looks like Phyllis Diller and who is seriously snuggly!

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Tomato Tomato with new haircut

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: Please tell anyone who is interested in Tomato that he is the sweetest most lovable dog in the world! He hardly ever barks he is friendly to every dog we run into on our walks and he never complains when I have to put his cone back on ( I take it off so he…

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