Gabby Gabby

This shy and sweet little girl warms up quickly and then she’s just a bundle of cuddles and kisses! Gabby is bouncing back from being sick when we got her and will be full of puppy energy and play in no time. She’s a gentle soul with a tender heart that just wants to be…

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Phelps Phelps

This adorable and lanky pup with floppy ears is a total love! He’s young enough to still be a bit clumsy, but he will surely be athletic and ready to join you on many adventures. He already makes friends with everyone he meets, so expect your social circle to grow if you bring him into…

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Lochte Lochte

This energetic retriever mix loves his toys and playing! He’s super sweet and ready to fill an active home with love and lots of fun!

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Rocky Rocky.park

Rocky is still just a pup. He is very friendly. He looks like a minature lab, but we know he’s a Cocker Spaniel/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Being young, Rocky will need consistent training to develop his doggie manners. He already gets along well with other dogs and is learning to walk on a leash. He will make an outstanding family pet for an…

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Honey Honey2

Sweet, sweet Honey is still just a pup. He and his brother, Rocky, are very friendly. They look like labs, but we know they are Cocker Spaniel/Rhodesian Ridgeback mixes. Honey and Rocky do not need to stay together. Being young, Honey will need consistent training to develop his doggie manners. He will make an outstanding family pet…

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Sandy Koufax

Sandy Koufax SandyK

Sandy Koufax is a sweet and loving dog with a ton of personality. He’s wonderful with adults, kids, and babies (he even decided to sleep under the crib when his previous owners, who are heartbroken not to be able to keep him, welcomed their son and daughter). He’s also good with other dogs. He’s potty…

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Miranda Mirandankla

Miranda ended up at Much Love after her owners moved and couldn’t take her with them. She’s very cuddly and easy to have around. Miranda is shy with new people and very small, she would do best in a quiet home with no kids. Her previous owner said she was 12 years old but the…

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Malia Malia.shepherd

Malia is a gorgeous German Shepherd puppy. She currently weighs 25lbs. but has a lot of growing left to do! Completely sweet and playful, Malia loves other dogs and people. She loves to run around in the garden space and take naps in the sun. She is learning to walk on a leash. She is not…

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Sasha Sasha.husky

Sasha is a pure bred Husky. She currently weighs 26lbs. but she has a lot of growing left to do. UPDATE FROM FOSTER ~ Sasha has lots of energy and loves to play with other puppies! She is still getting used to her size and speed, so she sometimes is a bit floppy on her…

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Izzy Izzy.courtesy

Izzy is a typical lab puppy–full of energy and kisses! She is already house trained, crate-trained, sits on command and gives up toys on the ‘release’ command. She was trained professionally for 6 weeks in-home at a trainer’s house. Izzy is good with kids and good with other dogs (large and small). She will still need…

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Romeo romeo.courtesyshow

Romeo and Dallas are brothers who are very bonded to each other so we want them adopted together. Both are very sweet, love people and other dogs and love to cuddle with each other. They are good walkers/hikers and usually spend the afternoon in the crate or curled up together in a dog bed.  Romeo likes…

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Dallas dallas.courtesyshow

Dallas and Romeo are brothers and bonded so we want them adopted together. Both are very sweet, love people and other dogs and love to cuddle with each other. They are good walkers/hikers and usually spend the afternoon in the crate or curled up together in a dog bed. Dallas usually stays on the floor…

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Boone Boone2

This adorable puppy has a case of the “puppy strangles,” but we expect him to completely recover. Aside from that he’s a typical wiggly and fun boy! We think he’s a mastiff or sharpei-mix, and anticipate he’ll be a large when grown.  He’s a sweetie!

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Brando Brando3legs

This poor guy had a huge mass on his leg when he was dumped at the shelter but had it surgically removed. Unfortunately, since there was nerve damage from the tumor the surgeon had to amputate the affected front leg. Brando is bouncing back and adjusting to life as a tripod with zest. He’s on the…

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Garland Garland2

Garland is easy and well trained.  She has a gorgeous coat and still looks like a puppy even though we know she’s a senior. She’s also on the shy side but is friendly and happy to be out of the shelter. She is doing well in her foster home and is very affectionate. She loves…

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Burton Burtonprofessional

UPDATE FROM FOSTER ~ “He is such a good boy! Burton is a smart little guy, and learns quickly. He loves attention, is playful, and is very potty trained.” He’s a spunky guy with lots of personality and loves to smile! With classic leading man good looks, Burton is hard to resist. He loves adults and seems…

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Bardot Bardot4

Bardot may have lost some of her glamour from previous neglect, but we are getting her treated and showing her love so that she gets her sparkle back! She’s very mellow and timid but we’re hoping that the more love she receives results in her personality coming through again. She would do best in a…

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Izzie Izzie2

Sweet and loyal Izzie had a home for ten years and then they decided to move and dumped her at the shelter with her best friend. As if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, her buddy died from a medical crisis in the shelter leaving Izzie alone. We pulled her the same day her very best friend died….

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Daphne Daphne3

Daphne came into the shelter as stray after most likely being hit by a car and was in the medical ward.  She had multiple pelvic injuries as well as an injured hip, and needed surgery which we had done for her.  That said, meeting her you would never know she was injured. Daphne is able to…

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Mandy Mandy.crop

Oh Mandy! This little muse sure inspired us to open our hearts to her! Mandy is so loving, giving and her tail just wags through all her discomfort. She is being treated for non-contagious mange and although she looks bad now, that is just temporary and she will be beautiful! In fact, it will be hard to…

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