Brim Brim with Marnee

We are filled to the rim with love for this guy! Brim was found in South LA. He is house trained, very sweet and gentle but also full of energy. He seems fine with other dogs, and wants to playplayplay. He is all youngster energy and is learning his puppy manners, so we’d love to place…

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Luca Luca portrait

Luca was born in April of 2014, and is a neutered male, pure breed black Lab. Luca is the most friendly, high-energy, sweet, goofy boy. He is trained to sit, stay, and lie down, has had some service training, and is perfect in the car. That said, he is still very much a puppy and…

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Molé Mole

Spicy and sweet Molé is very affectionate and friendly, she’s great with other dogs. She has lots of energy for being an older gal.

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Marinara Marinara

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Mara is a little princess. She is content with her cone resting on my shoulder like a baby. She is adjusting well to the tripod world. She’s still working on jumping or putting her full weight on her back leg though. Hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet…. But everything…

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Butter Butter

NEEDS FOSTER! Mmm…Butter. Our little dollop was born on 12/15/14 and she is the ultimate cuddler! She loves to be in a lap and give kisses. All of the toes in her left front foot broken but the surgeon thinks they will heal with just a splint. She’s a little nervous with other dogs so she will need to…

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Teriyaki Teriyaki2

NEEDS FOSTER! This beautiful girl was born on 9/15/14. The picture does not come close to capturing how adorable this little pittie pup is! She is all wiggles and kissses. She loves other dogs, loves people and probably loves toys too. Her back legs are a little wonky and her feet point out to the sides…

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Marsala Marsala by Lee

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER! Masala is getting better walking on the leash and having a lot of fun playing with us and dogs she meets in the neighborhood. Masala is a real love! This girl is full of energy, never stops moving and wagging her tail and does well with the calming influence of an…

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Soy Soy

NEEDS FOSTER! She is one saucy gal! Full of personality and loves everyone. She bunny hops with her back legs so the vet is checking into it. She’s super soft and very rolly-polly. Girlfriend could stand to lose a few pounds but she has so much energy that shouldn’t be a problem so long as she’s…

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Jax2 Jax too cute

Jax part deux! This pup was born in October 2014 and is perfect with other dogs, kids, cats. Just a doll all around.

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Monroe Monroe.portrait5

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Monroe is a perfect companion. She loves to go on walks, walks well on a leash with my other dog, and when left home does not whine or bark, she does not even need to be crated. She is great with other dogs, cats, and children! When we aren’t out galavanting…

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Emma Emma_1423707660108

NEEDS FOSTER! Little Emma’s human companion recently passed away and she had nowhere to go. We happily have her! She is 12 and just wants to sit next to you, snuggle, and snort occasionally. She is a dreamy doll!

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Patty Patty

Pretty peppermint Patty is about 2-years old and is a Chihuahua mix. She is sugar and spice and everything nice.

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Wally Wally4

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: Wally lives in a foster home with Mama who is lso a Much Love dog and they are best friends. He stays at my Rover Kennels sometimes and they use him as an evaluation dog. He is ridiculously sweet. He loves everyone and is very special. We think he has a lot of…

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Duchess duchess

Duchess is a stunner! This 3-year old mini Mastiff mix is super shy and loves other dogs. We’d like to put her in a foster with another dog to help her gain confidence. She is extremely sweet.

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Biggie ???????????????????????????????

How ya livin’ Biggie Smalls? This 7-year old rap star just hit town and he assures us that it’s NOT all about the Benjamins; he simply needs is a lap to snuggle on and some love from you!

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Sophie Sophie so cute

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: She is the sweetest puppy and loves all dogs, cats, and kids. She is learning her house training and is doing great on her pee pads! She isn’t a big chewer but enjoys toys. She is not into a crate, which is fine with us! We leave her alone for a…

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Rhiannon Riannon

Just like a white wing dove? Give to me your leather leash and take from me my lace doggie t-shirt? Rhiannon….you’re the poet in our hearts! When you see this little gal you will sing a song sounds like she’s….OK we’ll stop now but this puppy is so cute it’s hard not to be silly…

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Morty Morty Cutie

Morty is a lovable little guy with lots to give. He is housebroken and behaves well at home, spending most of his time cuddled up next to you. His energy is overall quite mellow, though he loves affection and likes to play. He is food motivated and is a good eater, and listens well when…

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Charlie Charlie couch

Meet Charlie! We are lucky enough to have her after she was hit by a car. She was injured but we have gotten her the medical attention she needs and even when she was in pain she was was a total sweetie.  She is about 3 years old, and 10 lbs. We think she was severely neglected or…

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Bess Bess

NEEDS FOSTER! Beautiful black and brindle Bess was born on June 15, 2014–she is a gorgeous shepherd mix with a heart of gold. She loves other dogs and her soulful eyes will speak volumes when you meet her.

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