Moosey Moosey

Moosey is a baby Spaniel mix weighing 7 pounds.  She is great with other dogs and kids, and she just loves playing with toys and giving kisses.  She is full of life and energy and deserves a home that can provide her with so much love and attention during the critical puppy phase of her…

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Nebula Nebula

Adorable poodle mix puppy–the only girl in the litter!

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Venus Venus CU

She will make your dreams come true, if you will…foster or adopt her! She is docile, loving, and deserves an amazing home.

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Daenerys daenerys2

This beautiful Jindo/lab mix puppy will grow into her radar-seeking ears! She is sweet with other dogs and people.

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Jaime ???????????????????????????????

We were told about this beautiful poodle mix who was left chained in a yard all day. Fortunately, a good samaritan was able to convince his the people who were keeping him to surrender him to us. Continuing our Game of Thrones theme, he is named after the intrepid Jaime Lannister. We think it fits…

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Katina Cindy puppy

This darling baby Chihuahua mix was found by a wonderful animal lover and we happily agreed to help find her a home. She is great with kids and other dogs. We haven’t seen her with cats but she’d probably want to make friends with them, too!

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Samwell samwell (1)

Just as shy as his the Game of Thrones character after which he is named, this little Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix is as sweet as the pie that Samwell Tarly loves oh so well.

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Arya Arya3 (1)

On Game of Thrones, this little Lhasa Apso mix’s character is often mistaken for a boy. Since we love gender bending, especially when it comes to our canine pals, we present to you Miss Arya! This little lass is very sweet and shy, she is looking for a prince or princess to come and sweep…

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Heidi Heidi

This wonderful baby Chug had babies and we have them all! She is still nursing them so we would love a foster for mom and babies for a while until they are weaned. All are doing great and are sooo sweet!

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Sandor ???????????????????????????????

His Game of Thrones namesake is nicknamed, “The Hound” and our little Lord Sandor The Hound of Brentwood is as stately as his nomenclature. He is the cutest little bug in the world, a baby terrier mix.

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Sansa Sansa (1)

Just like her character on Game of Thrones, this regal lady has been through a lot in her young life, but she is a survivor. She loves to snuggle, is great with other dogs and kids, and is like a prancing deer on walks–such a beauty!

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