Frosty Frosty (1)

Chill out with a Frosty this summer! Frosty is a friendly, happy guy with a lot of love to give. He would do great as a family dog or with an active single person who wants a new buddy in their life. Frosty is one cool dog!

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Maisi Maisi Smile

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Little Maisi is a-maisi-ingly adorable!  This gorgeous girl was left at the shelter when her family had to move, but she holds no grudges.  Maisi has a strong connection to people and welcomes attention from anyone who can’t resist her super soft coat of fur.  As an older dog, Maisi is wise…

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Jack Jack CU

Puppy power! This brindle lab/piglet mix is the cutest low-rider we’ve seen in a while, and he is so sweet! Come meet him live and in person at our adoption this Sunday in Santa Monica![flagallery gid=126] Watch Jack deciding between dinner and a cuddlefest: Jack Movie

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Manni ???????????????????????????????

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER:  Manni has been sweet as pie all day, definitely loves his walks, car rides and people. He is totally unphased by other dogs but seems to enjoy their company! We walked down to my neighborhood dog-friendly restaurant and he was a doll- definitely seemed excited to be sprung from the Doggie…

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Jason ???????????????????????????????

Beautiful lab/terrier mix puppy! Jason loves to play as much as he loves to nap!He is a great little companion, perfect with other dogs, house trained. [flagallery gid=124]

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Tanner Tanner ordering a latte

C’mon, y’all, is this not the most precious lab mix puppy on earth?

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Savannah ???????????????????????????????

NEEDS FOSTER! This Maltese poodle mix is soooo sweet! She needs a foster and permanent home, and will make a wonderful addition to any household.

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Manesis Manesis3

Nothing is snugglier than a lab/sheba mix with taco-chip ears! Manesis is named after a spectacularly generous sponsor, come and meet this young gal at our adoptions on Sunday!

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Mochi Mochi in the park2

NEEDS FOSTER! This adorable Maltese pup is fun and playful, loves everyone and needs a home![flagallery gid=122]

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Perci ???????????????????????????????

She is a very good girl, really wants to please. She’s house trained and she does love chasing balls! She’s so funny and happy, too.

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Rosi Rosi no cast

Rosi was turned into the shelter after she was hit by a car and her owner couldn’t afford to treat her.  Much Love got her all fixed up – her cast is off and she’s ready for adoption.  Rosi is a sweetheart of a dog, very quiet and undemanding, and is submissive with people and…

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Tedi tedi

NEEDS FOSTER! This baby tibetan spaniel mix is amazing and needs a foster. He was getting overpowered in his area at the shelter so we had to take him. Despite this experience he loves other dogs and people.

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Lacey lacey

NEEDS FOSTER! This little chi mix needs a manicure (which she will get at the vet) and some love (which only you can supply). She is getting all fixed up from a pelvic fracture so will need a quiet foster home for a couple of weeks so she can recuperate.

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Miki Miki

This little beauty is getting lots of love from his foster mom and family, but he’d love a permanent abode as well!

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Tobi Miki2

This baby terrier mix could NOT be cuter! He is loving and sweet.

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Nutella ???????????????????????????????

This little Chihuahua mix youngster is as sweet as her name! She is amazing!

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Mala mala ears

This beautiful baby pit mix was a stray, poor gal! She is house trained, and is such a sweetie. She’s now in a great foster and will make an amazing companion!

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Remmie remmie 1

PUREBRED GREMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY! REMMIE is an amazing puppy but she is huge, and while mellow for a puppy, she is still a puppy who likes to play and given her size she needs appropriate playmates. She is housebroken as long as she is let out regularly.

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