Betty Betty

This Betty wants you! She is a beautiful 9-10 year old tri-color chihuahua mix who is the most petit of the 3B’s weighing in at 9 pounds. She is a cuddle bug and loves people and dogs. Look at those eyes!

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Bessie BESSIE3

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Bessie is such a good girl. We love her so much! I am pretty sure she is perfect. She’s potty trained, she NEVER barks (I think I’ve heard a sound come out of her once), so sweet to everyone she meets, snuggly, so good in the car, the list goes on….

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Becca Becca.crop

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Becca is very shy at first but warms up fast and could not be sweeter! Her favorite thing to do is cuddle on your lap give LOTS OF LOVES. She is great with other dogs and loves to run around in our backyard. She is really good on walks and is…

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Sapphire sapphy face off

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Sapphire is the sweetest and smartest foster pup we’ve ever had. She’s great at walking and loves to play. She doesn’t even mind getting a bath! I wish we could keep her! Let this little chihuahua mix dazzle her way into your heart. She is playful and loving, about 1-year old…

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UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Topaz is great with cats and dogs and kids! Life is a constant party for Topaz! He loves going for walks, playing outside, wrestling with his four-legged companions, and snuggling with anyone who will have him. He is house-trained, knows how to use a doggie door, and has recently started using an…

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Sweet and shy, this little Min Pin/Chihuahua bauble loves to give kisses. She is about 7 years old, and 13 lbs.

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Emerald ???????????????????????????????

This little jewel is such a love. She is 13 lbs–the perfect size! She is a bit shy, but a sweet min pin/chihuahua mix and is about 7 years old–the perfect age!

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Opal Opal (1)

Opal is a wonderful house-trained dog–she is a spunky and sweet shi-tzu mix.

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This gem of a little 4-month old lab mix is a playful and sweet puppy!

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Rudolph rudy reindeer

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: Rudolph is a smart little guy, already knowing how to use his potty-pads and waiting to potty outside. He is really tiny, but has a big personality & lots of confidence for being so young. He loves getting excited and playing but has a major quiet, cuddly side also. He loves…

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Brownie ???????????????????????????????

NEEDS FOSTER! Brownie came to us with Coco but we are adopting them out solo or as a pair. They lost both of their senior owners within the past eighteen months and are looking for someone new to love. They are both six years old and weigh fourteen pounds. Brownie is a chihauhau mix. She would sit…

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Coco ???????????????????????????????

Coco is a gorgeous HYPOALLERGENIC cockapoo who came in with Brownie but we are adopting them out solo or as a pair if you’d like! Coco lost his senior owner within the past eighteen months and is looking for someone new to love. He is six years old and weigh fourteen pounds. Coco is a hugger. He…

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Piper ???????????????????????????????

This 8-month old Papillon Pomeranian mix is soooo sweet. She needs love and a foster! 

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Fortune fortune

This lovely malnourished lab mix came to us in a sorry state. We have had him at the vet for 2 weeks and they are nursing him back to health. Great with cats, dogs, and kids!

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Tiny Tiny cute

Meet Tiny! She’s a 3-year old house trained Brussels Griffon-Terrier mix who is super mellow, friendly and loves kids and other dogs. Tiny’s mom had to go into a nursing home, and we’d love to find Tiny a forever home to ease her mom’s worries.  Tiny has been well-loved for all three years of her…

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Finn finn

This little dude is only one and a half months old!! He is a border collie/terrier mix and is seriously not much more that an ice cream scoop full of puppy love!

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Ernie ???????????????????????????????

This shy little 3-month old black lab/shepherd dog mix would love to cuddle with you next to the fire place.

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Bert ???????????????????????????????

This sweet one-year old Italian greyhound/chihuahua mix would be a perfect pal for your holidays! He weighs 9 lbs. and is cute as a button. His leg is doing well and he’s on his way to making a full recovery!

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Pilgrim Pilgrim

This is our new little boy Pilgrim. He is 10 weeks old and as big as a bowl of soup!  He is the sweetest little guy, he had a broken arm when we got him from the shelter, it is in a cast (that is as big as he is!) and will heal perfectly. Come…

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Tiara ???????????????????????????????

UPDATE FROM TIARA’S FOSTERS: Tiara is a very sweet and calm dog! She does have some separation anxiety and will start whining when it’s time to go to bed and when she thinks we’re about to leave, but she never barks. Also, she interacts well with other dogs. We don’t keep her in her crate at all…

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