Zuma Zuma and Kingston

UPDATE FROM ZUMA’S FOSTER: He is so independent that when the rest of his siblings are sleeping, he prefers to cuddle up on us and sleep on our chest! What a ham. Easily claimed my boyfriend as his new mama. Zuma is definitely the more outgoing one. He had an accident in the crate on…

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Gwen Gwen

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Gwen was reputed to be shy but she’s doing her best to roll with the big boys and fights for her shot at the food bowl. She’s fantastic with using the pee pads. Like the little rock princess that she is, she roams around with her tongue sticking out! FROM HER…

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Gavin chipup

UPDATE FROM GAVIN’S FOSTER: Gavin is a spunky little guy that often likes to wreak havoc with his look alike Zuma. They’re both big personalities that love to play. Gavin is much more receptive to playing with humans already and wishes so desperately that his hind legs could support him better so he can get…

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Selena Selena

FROM HER FORMER FOSTER: Selena is doing great. We love her. She likes to sleep in her crate and is house broken.  She is full of puppy energy, plays with stuffed animals and tug of war. She loves other dogs and is in the process of learning to behave like a lady when on a leash! …

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Celine Celine sailing

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Celine is housetrained if you have an easy access yard. She will go to the bathroom outside but not on walks (yet)–she’s a quick learner though! Celine is very sweet with children but she is timid; at this point she would probably get overwhelmed in a house with young children who…

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Kramer Kramer

Kramer is a sweetheart of a dog! He was abandoned in a neighborhood where some nice people took him in while they tried to find his home, but no one ever came for him and we took him in. Kramer is very mellow and would be great company for someone looking for a friendly, easy…

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Mariah mariah

Mariah asks, “Why are you so obsessed with me?” Because this beautiful black lab is the perfect pooch! She is an 8-yearl old with a lot of years left in her, we are so lucky to have found her at the East Valley shelter.

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Kelly Kelley Ear

Can you handle this? This beautiful terrier is no diva, she just wants to give kisses and play! 

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Usher Usher

Say Yeah! This crooner is sweet and shy, he needs someone to love him and help him come out of his shell! Are you the one?

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Tamar -9

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Tammy is so smart and sweet. She listens to everything I say. No matter what she is doing she’ll come running when I call her name. When I tell her to go and get in her bed (even though she doesn’t want to) she goes right over and stays in her…

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Beyonce Beyonce1

This little scruffy terrier is a bit shy but totally snuggly. She is great with dogs, kids, and we haven’t seen her with cats but we suspect she’ll be a sweetie. Come to our adoptions this weekend to meet this beauty.

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Paula PAULA2

FROM HER FOSTER: Paula rides well in the car, is perfect on the leash, and loves to eat ! She is super mellow but loves to play, a very happy dog. She loves everyone, is great with people and other dogs. She loves tennis balls and stuffed toys. She is pretty much housebroken. She barks…

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Margot 743

Meet MARGOT! Poodle mix Margot is approx. 6 months old and 10 lbs.  She’s a sweet, fuzzy little thing and we can’t wait to learn more about her personality.

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Jane JANE2

Meet JANE!  Look at those fuzzy ears!  Jane is an 11 month old puppy, possibly part cream Chihuahua and something else.  Any guesses?

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Gogo gogo

Gogogogogogogogogogogo! FROM HER FOSTER: Gogo loves to snuggle and shows so much affection – she’s really sweet. She follows me around everywhere. Would absolutely love to sleep in the bed at night, but does well in her crate. Great on a leash, loves to play with other dogs. Fine when left alone, sleeps in crate…

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Gina GINA2

Named after one of our most amazing volunteers ever…Meet GINA!  Gina is a black/tan Doberman, approximately 1 year old and 41 lbs.  She’s friendly to both humans and dogs, but will need a little help with walking on her leash.  You game?

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Elissa ELISSA2

FROM HER FOSTER: ElIssa, or “Ellie” as we call her absolutely loves LOVES people. She likes to walk, sit, cuddle, drive, and play with people. She is 95% house trained but will go potty if left alone for a few hours… which is expected. She is good with most dogs but seems to be frightened by others….

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Belinda Belinda Love

Meet BELINDA!  Sweet Belinda!  This tan/white pit mix is only a few months old and is playful with other dogs.  How could you resist this little nugget? She is in a wonderful foster home where she is learning everything she needs to know about being the best dog ever!

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Tom Osborne

Tom Osborne 745

Meet TOM OSBORNE!  3-5 year old Cocker Spaniel/Lab mix who is super sweet and likes to pal around with other dogs.  Tom is super fun and has a mellow soul. We all adore him!

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Cornhusker 738

Meet CORNHUSKER!   He’s a tri-color Jack Russell mix, approx. 2 years old.  So far he seems a little bit shy but is good with other dogs.

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