Alexander ???????????????????????????????

This beautiful Bull Terrier may remind you of our old pal Spuds McKenzie! He is just as fun and is super sweet. He is a serious snuggler whose whole body wiggles when he wags his tail! He’s about 1-2 years old.

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T-Rex T-rex3

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: I think T-Rex might be the most easy-going dog I’ve ever known! He is so sweet, and happy to meet anyone and everyone. This is the first dog I’ve brought home that my dog loved instantly. He loves to cuddle and be pet. Seems to be house-trained so far, with zero…

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Veronica Veronica2

This lovely poodle mix gal is about 3-years old and is 10 lbs. of pure joy!

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Jughead Perci kisses Jughead

What would the Archie Gang be without our beloved Jughead! He is smarter and cuter than his namesake–he is a 2-year old border collie/lab mix after all– and we would love for you to meet him (pictured here with beautiful Perci–they are a great pair!)

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Ethel Ethel4

We adore this Lhasa Apso poodle mix puppy and we know you will too!

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Dilton ???????????????????????????????

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: Dilton can be your very own Benji! He’s super snuggly, laid-back, potty trained (mostly), and loves to go on walks and sniff everything! With two dogs already in my home, Dilton settled in very easily and gets along great with the pack. Upon meeting him, he’ll immediately roll over onto his…

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Betty Archie

Betty is the leggy blonde of the gang–she is shy at first but a complete darling once she gets to know you!

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Archie Archie3

The leader of the gang, our tiny terrier mix puppy will melt your heart.

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Reggie ???????????????????????????????

A Maltese/Pekinese named Reggie–who could ask for anything more?!

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Cheryl Cheryl2

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Cheryl is an incredibly adoptable little girl. She is housebroken, friendly, knows sit, come & down. She also follows “inside” and “outside” when I go to take her out. She is great on a leash and she sleeps through the night. And last night, I let her sleep in my bed and not…

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Oink aka Alice

Oink aka Alice Oink2

A NOTE FROM HER FOSTER PARENTS: Alice/Oink is a 4-5 year old Australian cattle dog mix with a gorgeous brindle coat, who is an amazing and dedicated dog.  We think of her as the Zen dog – she is very attuned to the humans in her life and a calming presence.  She is good with…

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Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae Daisy Mae CU

NEEDS FOSTER! From her rescuer: Daisy Mae is a boxer mix about 8 years old. She was rescued wandering the hills of Baldwin Park and was very weak when she arrived to Baldwin Shelter. Shortly after she was adopted by me and she immediately made a welcoming presence in our home. She took to our other…

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Coco Coco2

Darling Coco is one year old Beagle Mix. She is very very shy and was rescued from a shelter. She bonds quickly with other dogs so will need a home with another active dog to help her overcome being so shy. She loves kids and people! Coco is bonded with the 8 year old girl of…

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Olga Olga front

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Olga is such a wonderful dog. She’s fully house-trained, perfect on a leash, doesn’t chew things or bark and is great with other dogs and kids. She has been quickly losing her extra weight on her new workout plan. Olga loves to roll over and have you pet her belly. I…

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Dmitri Dmitri3

This little baby is pee-pad trained and ready for your snuggles! Watch this little man in action: Dmitri Movie

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This 2-year old Yorkie Jack Russell mix is seriously adorable to the nth degree!

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Yuri Yury4

This beautiful little 2-year old terrier mix is such a love-loves to play, eat, sleep, cuddle, repeat!

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Oleg Oleg2

This little black and white terrier pup is so loving, he needs a foster home so he can continue to grow into the perfect pooch he was born to be!

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Serge ???????????????????????????????

Adorable scruffy terrier in the house! Serge is 1-year old and loves all people and animals!

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Oksana ???????????????????????????????

NEEDS FOSTER! This adorable and sweet staffy mix puppy needs a temporary mom and dad–let’s get her out of the vet’s office and into a foster!

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