Bolt is a lightening bolt of cute!  This handsome 4 year old with a very unique blue/gray coloring went his whole young life being unloved as part of a household that neglected him.  A kind neighbor rescued Bolt and he’s now looking for a home.  Bolt absolutely adores children and gets along with other dogs and cats.  He is extraordinarily sweet and…

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Little timid 1-year old gal that is coming out of her shell due to the love of her foster family! She will make someone a loving and fun companion!

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Mia mia

FROM MIA’S FOSTER: Mia is the sweetest! She’s not house broken but is getting better and has been sleeping in her crate at night with no messes. She’s good on the leash if you can get her to focus (she’s quite the curious little puppy ). She is super playful and needs a lot of exercise, but is…

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Natasha Natasha taking flight

This little 4-month old puppy is recovering from demodex mange (not contagious, just the result of being a puppy without a strong immune system due to neglect). She is the sweetest little baby gal—very loving and her foster family is teaching her to be house trained! She is very affectionate and full of puppy energy, but…

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Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton Busta

This little one-year old will win your heart without saying a word—just like his namesake! He is the sweetest cuddlebug, a low-rider, and he loves people, other dogs. Believe it or not this guy was on the red list (if you don’t know what it is, imagine the worst) with a broken pelvis. He is…

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Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking Pippi Longstocking

This little gal definitely wants to go on some adventures with you, but she needs a few weeks to heal her leg injuries. We have her all fixed up and in the meantime, her fashion-forward bandages are her badges of honor for surviving an ordeal at the hands of some not-so-nice humans. Despite what she’s…

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Greta Greta before!

“I vant to be….with people…and dogs….and people!” Cutest baby terrier mix ever! She just drinks you in with her eyes, a loving snuggler, Greta is a perfect little pup.

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Wolfie Wolfie playing

A report from Wolfie’s foster: We have sweet Wolfie :). When we picked him up Kyle had to take him in the crate as he was extremely scared, and sitting at the back of it not willing to get out. We stopped at Petco and I worked on it in the parking lot. I explained…

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Woody Woody shaved

We heard about this little terrier/bichon mix who was covered in mats and extremely timid. As you can see he’s been shaved down and is feeling so much better! He is about 2-years old and is coming out of his shell, thanks to his loving foster family. Check out this video of Woody: Woody Versus…

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Laurel Laurel1

He’s loads of laughs in a little package! He’s a chihuahua mix, about 1 year-old, 10 pounds, very sweet, and he seems fine with other dogs, lovespeople.

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Hardy hardy2

This little guy is afraid of stairs and has some trust issues. He is fine with other dogs but can feel easily intimidated by people. We are looking for a foster or adopter who can help build up his confidence and trust in humans! Someone with a dog in the house already might be wonderful…

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Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo terrier

UPDATE FROM HONEY BOO BOO’S FOSTER: She’s very smart and curious.  Loves to play! She seems to get attached to people really quickly – she will follow you everywhere! Very sweet puppy! We are working on her housetraining and she is very good about not going in the crate.  She knows to go when we…

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Possum Purse Possum

In this corner, we have Possum, weighing in at a mighty 2.5 lbs! He is a tiny little pup, and is wee-wee pad trained. He’s only 8-months old and would love to GROW (at least put on a few lbs of muscle) with your family!              

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Beachy beachy

UPDATE FROM BEACHY’S FOSTER: Beachy is absolutely great and we are loving having him around! Hes very quiet and laid back (he makes for a great study partner) and we havent had any trouble! Hes been using the pee pads around the apartment and has taken to going to the door to let us know…

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She loves being with people, loves sitting in your lap and snuggling. She also loves her crate, and is fine when she is left alone. She’s happy as a couch potato but enjoys walks and is great in the car! Take her with you wherever you may go this SUMMER! She is house-trained and is…

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Bikini Bikini 2013-06-19 11.13.26

She isn’t too teeny weeny, but she is itsy bitsy for a German Shepherd mix—the perfect size! She is a 2-year old active gal who is looking for a jogging buddy! She also needs a loving foster home, so if you are interested in fostering or adopting this beauty, please fill put an application and…

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Flip Flop

Flip Flop FlipFlop

From Flip-Flop’s Foster: A beautiful Australian Shephard mix that has the most extraordinary Black and white fluffy  tail and brown spotted feet. His gorgeous coat is only second to his sweet nature. He is great with babies to kids, likes all adults, gets along with cats and dogs, however more interested in people than dogs….

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Brody Brody

This puppy is ready for action…and snuggles! He is a loveable BIG lug—about 65 lbs., and is just about a year old, and we are teaching him manners and to understand that he is large but not necessarily in charge. His foster reports that he is great with kids, loves his toys, and is learning…

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Eliza Doolittle

Eliza Doolittle Eliza3

Hi. I’m Eliza Doolittle. I’m was just a little street urchin when I was hit by a car. I was brought to the shelter and there was no vet there so things were not looking good. Luckily someone from Much Love heard about my situation and raced to the shelter to get me. I was…

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Rukus Ruk and Ethan

Meet Rukus! 2-year old Ruk was rescued from the Devore Shelter in San Bernadino on the day when he was to be killed.  He is the ultimate family dog.  He has an incredible personality and intelligence.  He is loving and gentle with the kids and seems to love all other dogs.  He is potty trained,…

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