Rosi Rosi no cast

Rosi was turned into the shelter after she was hit by a car and her owner couldn’t afford to treat her.  Much Love got her all fixed up – her cast is off and she’s ready for adoption.  Rosi is a sweetheart of a dog, very quiet and undemanding, and is submissive with people and…

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Tedi tedi

NEEDS FOSTER! This baby tibetan spaniel mix is amazing and needs a foster. He was getting overpowered in his area at the shelter so we had to take him. Despite this experience he loves other dogs and people.

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Lacey lacey

NEEDS FOSTER! This little chi mix needs a manicure (which she will get at the vet) and some love (which only you can supply). She is getting all fixed up from a pelvic fracture so will need a quiet foster home for a couple of weeks so she can recuperate.

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Miki Miki

This little beauty is getting lots of love from his foster mom and family, but he’d love a permanent abode as well!

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Tobi Miki2

This baby terrier mix could NOT be cuter! He is loving and sweet.

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Nutella ???????????????????????????????

This little Chihuahua mix youngster is as sweet as her name! She is amazing!

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Mala mala ears

This beautiful baby pit mix was a stray, poor gal! She is house trained, and is such a sweetie. She’s now in a great foster and will make an amazing companion!

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Remmie remmie 1

PUREBRED GREMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY! REMMIE is an amazing puppy but she is huge, and while mellow for a puppy, she is still a puppy who likes to play and given her size she needs appropriate playmates. She is housebroken as long as she is let out regularly.

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Dani dani

Reintroducing DANI!  This sweet Lab/Pit mix just got returned to us, and she is sooo sweet. She’s about 1.5 years old and absolutely loves to cuddle.  She’s easy peasy and great on a leash.  Approx. 45 lbs of pure love!!

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Loki Loki in the park3

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: Loki is no longer shy!  He loves other dogs and he is good with kids too.  He now loves to walk and go to the dog park. He loves to chase balls. He also is house trained and sleeps in a crate at night.  He is very protective of his foster…

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Opie Opie

What beautiful coloring this little man has! Lab/Staffy mix, all fun and kisses!

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Otto otto

Lab/staffy mix baby boy–love the bow-legged stance!

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LuAnn Luann2

Lovely LuAnn just wants to play and snuggle. This lab/staffy mix would be a wonderful addition to your brood.

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Cherry Cherry

Cherry is so very…perfect! She is a beautiful brindle color with white patches and weighs 12 lbs. She’s a lab/staffy mix. The best topping to the ice cream sundae that is your life!

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Tig Tig

Lab/staffy puppy, 12. lbs., cute as a button!Jax & Tig – Small video

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Jax TigChair

Lab/staffy mix puppy. He is white with brindled spots, a very handsome boy! 12 lbs. and growing!Jax & Tig – Small video

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Dudley ???????????????????????????????

Do right by this little fella and take him home to join your family! This baby brindle terrier mix boy is 13lbs.

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Drake drake2

This little red Tibetan spaniel mix could not be cuter. Look at that face![flagallery gid=120]

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Freya Freya

This beautiful dachshund/chihuahua mix is a tiny 8-lbs. and she is all love and sweetness.

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Thor Thor

All hail the tiny but mighty Thor! This little black terrier puppy is only 4lbs., but he is as strong as his name!

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