Rhiannon Riannon

Just like a white wing dove? Give to me your leather leash and take from me my lace doggie t-shirt? Rhiannon….you’re the poet in our hearts! When you see this little gal you will sing a song sounds like she’s….OK we’ll stop now but this puppy is so cute it’s hard not to be silly…

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Morty Morty Cutie

Morty is a lovable little guy with lots to give. He is housebroken and behaves well at home, spending most of his time cuddled up next to you. His energy is overall quite mellow, though he loves affection and likes to play. He is food motivated and is a good eater, and listens well when…

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Charlie Charlie couch

Meet Charlie! We are lucky enough to have her after she was hit by a car. She was injured but we have gotten her the medical attention she needs and even when she was in pain she was was a total sweetie.  She is about 3 years old, and 10 lbs. We think she was severely neglected or…

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Bess Bess

NEEDS FOSTER! Beautiful black and brindle Bess was born on June 15, 2014–she is a gorgeous shepherd mix with a heart of gold. She loves other dogs and her soulful eyes will speak volumes when you meet her.

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Sandy Sandy3 with kid

NEEDS FOSTER! FROM HER RESCUER: So I went and spent some time with Sandy and the family that found her. She is truly a special girl. So docile, so loving, just a love bug. I got out of my car in the dark driveway and she came running out of the house with little Juicy. Sandy…

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Taylor Taylor

This 2-year old Bichon came into the shelter on New Year’s Eve–he is our New Year’s baby! Super sweet and loving.

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Carleen carlene couch

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: We nicknamed her “the noodle” because she goes from 60 to 0 in a second and then she is just limp like a noodle. You can try to wake her up but she us just putty. She loves to be outdoors and explore. She gets along with most dogs we have…

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Russ Russ1

Que bello! Russ is a gorgeous shepherd mix, born August 30, 2014. He loves people, dogs, and getting/giving love!

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Ramona Ramona2

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Ramona is the biggest sweetheart! So happy with her, she is a total lapdog and would do great with a family with children, she is definitely a momma dog. She’s not housebroken but we are already on our way to mastering sit, so I’m sure she will be extremely easy to…

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Irwin Irwin tongue

He’s super duper fly and super duper shy! This youngster is about 2-4 years old and will warm up once he gets to know you. He loves toys.  

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Deanne Deanne4

This sweet gal has taco chip ears and could not be cuter! She was born Feb. 13, 2014–we’ll consider her a V-Day baby!!

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Hunter Hunter close up

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: He is such a sweetie and is now fully house trained! He can be shy with strangers, but once you gain his trust, he is all over you kissing and asking for belly rubs. He is a good runner, too. Quite kicked some ass in the park with his lightning-like sprinting. He…

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Brewster and Bailey

Brewster and Bailey Brewster and Bailey

A NOTE FROM THEIR SISTER: Brewster & Bailey – the dynamic duo! Brewster is a 12 year old Corgi mix and Bailey is a 6 year old Terrier mix. My mother rescued them both – Brewster when he was a year old and Bailey as a puppy. They are very attached and it was my mother’s…

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Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

Batman may smell, and Robin may very well have laid an egg, but this little sweet 2-year old poodle mix will rock your world just like his namesake has all December! he is great with dogs, cats, and kids, just a love. One of our board members found him just before Christmas, he is the…

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Fiddle Fiddle Binkie (1)

It is impossible to talk about Fiddle without talking about Banjo. These two are attached at the hip. Where one goes the other follows. If they are not kissing our faces or getting their bellies rubbed, they are playing with each other. They love to wrestle and chase around after each other. To be honest, separating…

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Banjo Banjo (1)

It is impossible to talk about Banjo without talking about Fiddle. These two are attached at the hip. Where one goes the other follows. If they are not kissing our faces or getting their bellies rubbed, they are playing with each other. They love to wrestle and chase around after each other. To be honest, separating…

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Mallory Mallory2

Meet our newest heartbreaker, MALLORY! Mallory is a sweetheart with many family ties–in fact too many, the poor gal spent the beginning of her life neglected and bred for puppies. Despite this rough start, Mallory has a great attitude and welcomes attention from everyone – kids, dogs, and cats. Mallory wants a new home that…

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Willis ???????????????????????????????

NEEDS FOSTER! Everyone’s asking “What you talkin’ ‘bout Willis?” While Willis can’t exactly answer back, we’re pretty sure if he could talk he’d say he wants a new home that will love him forever. Willis is a spry, adorable sweetheart who isn’t shy about wanting to cuddle. He’s very friendly with people and dogs, and is…

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Midge Midge 3:4

This 4-year old terrier is a smidge of a girl but has a huge, loving soul![flagallery gid=150]

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Rodney Rodney

NEEDS FOSTER! This gorgeous black and tan lab mix would go great with your holiday festivities! He is around 2-years old and is super sweet with people and other dogs.

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