Tennille Beachday

Update from her foster: Tennille is the perfect little dog—she loves other dogs, loves walks and playing, but also loves just getting affection and hanging out at home. We adore her, and know she will make someone and their dog the perfect new addition to the family. Tennille wrote her own bio because she is…

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Captain Captain

Ahoy! Meet our newest handsome puppy Captain! He is 5 months old, potty trained, and has a bright blue and a bright green eye—the colors of the sea! He is just a silly goofy puppy who loves dogs and people—he gives kisses to everyone just like a sailor on shore leave. He is good on…

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Herman Henry dearest

Meet Herman! He gets along with everyone–dogs, cats, kids, literally everyone–and he loves to play, or just chill next to you while you watch TV or work on the computer. Herman is goofy bundle of joy in need of a loving home. A gentle, loveable lug–just wants to hug and be hugged!  

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Henry Pismo

Henry Pismo 480338_10201173348557168_1160335171_n

Meet Henry!  He is a 2 year old terrier mix with an infectious personality.  He has never met a person or dog that he doesn’t love.  His favorite activities are fetching, being chased by other dogs, playing with his stuffed animal buddies, snuggling under the covers in bed (and licking your face if you’ll let him!)…

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Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn 944195_10201173353357288_1724703638_n

Loves cats, other dogs, is housebroken and loves riding in the car!  She is only 1-year old and is such a cutie pie!

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Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan lukeyB

Adorable Boston terrier baby that we found running the streets of LA! Loves other dogs and people, perfect little brindle fellow!

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Reba McIntyre

Reba McIntyre 0-1

Meet Reba! We found Reba down in south central a few weeks ago.  Hard to believe a young Pure Breed Doxie was out roaming the streets but we got a call that she had shown up in someone’s back yard and no one in the neighborhood responded to the signs that were posted so we…

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift 0-2

This little baby terrier mix is a love bug. She is a gorgeous brown and white color. She wandered into the yard of a friend of Much Love in the south central neighborhood of Los Angeles with her mom, Reba McIntyre who we also have! Sweet, shy, and coming out of her shell.

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Brady Brady ecu

Brady is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. She does well at doggie day care, loves and plays with the other dogs and attendants.  Her heart is as big as the ocean and she’s quiet and sweet while at the same time an excellent guard dog! She has a bark, but God forbid…

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Ruthie Ruthie ecu

From Ruthie’s Wonderful Foster Shelley C.: Ruthie is a sweet, truly good natured dog that just desperately wants to be loved. It’s painfully obvious that she’s been abused in the past but after just a few acts of kindness, she develops a trust quickly (even with men). There’s nothing sweeter than when she gently nudges…

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Brando brandoloo

STELLA! UPDATE FROM BRANDO’S FOSTER: Brando is so adorable.  We call him Tyrion (as in Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones).  He looks like a cross between Snoopy (if snoopy was a poodle) and Woodstock (for his mop). What’s nice is that he’s housebroken, knows basic commands and hasn’t peed inside yet!  He’s super silly,…

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Harlow Harlow balance

She’s a looker!  HYPOALLERGENIC 1-2 year old terrier poodle, 13 lbs, sweet, quiet, likes other dogs but likes people a lot, quirky looking, medium to calm energy.

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Collette Collette 2

2 yr old doxie chi mix, shy female, sweet lap dog, 10 lbs. Extremely calm.

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Garbo Garbo 6

Incredible brindle 2-year old female pit, rides well in car, cat friendly, loves dogs, loves to give kisses, most likely housebroken, medium energy.

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Bardot Bardot 6

FROM BARDOT’S FOSTER: Bardot is a sweet, funny, active puppy, about 4 months old.  This puppy wants someone to bond with and is a great companion.  She will play with her toys or chew her rawhide at your feet while you work. She follows you around wherever you go, unless the sun is shining on her…

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Muffler Muffler photo

This guy is just so relaxed, friendly and surprisingly full of energy for a senior. He was excited to meet other dogs, especially the little ones. He walks well on a leash and we think he’s housebroken.

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Lug Nut

Lug Nut Lugtext

This amicable fluffball was even-keeled and friendly. He is playful but not the rough-and-tumble type. He walks well on a leash and we suspect he may already be housebroken. He started out a bit unsure but was quickly becoming more comfortable and confident once we got him out of the shelter chaos.

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Hub Cap aka Harriet

Hub Cap aka Harriet Hucap breakfast and kid

UPDATE HER FOSTER: Hub Cap aka Harriet  is sitting on my lap as we speak. She is such a little snuggler I love it. I hope the new name helps her get adopted. She is so sweet, gentle and not to mention SO well behaved. We love her I will definitely spread the word about…

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Piston Pistontext

UPDATE FROM PISTON’S FOSTER:  Piston is a well-behaved, loving and friendly dog! She is house broken and hardly makes noise. She will cry when left alone at home, but manages to soothe herself. She greets you happily when you get home and enjoys the occasional tummy rub. She eats regularly, twice a day. On the leash she…

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Gasket gasket

An UPDATE from Gasket’s foster: “She’s perfect, sweet, quiet, loving, fits into our pack, loves to walk and only one accident.” What an adorable little sausage girl! She is extremely friendly with people and gets along well with other dogs. Gasket will make a phenomenal addition to a lucky family, and we think she will…

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