NEEDS FOSTER! Loves to wiggle and play and squirm and play some more! This little topper is what we call a “chug” part chihuahua, part pug! He is 3 months old and sweet and playful!

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Hattie Hattie

Meet Hattie.  A desperate email went out begging someone to rescue this cutie from the East Valley shelter. She had been hit by a car and had injured her hip knee and pelvis. She was in pain. Luckily we were able to get her and since then she has had successful surgery  and  is recovering…

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Maxine maxine.sun

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Maxine is a very sweet and loving dog.  She is house trained.  I’m not sure if she is good with cats but I do know that she loves to play with us humans.  She is very loving, does have a tendency to jump on on you to show love.  I’m also…

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Nelson image

Gorgeous 1-year old pointer mix, can you believe he was just dumped at the shelter? We are lucky to have him!

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Tanner Peanut in the park2

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: * housebroken * playful, but can also just chill out * very cuddly, sweet * listens, good natured dog * good with other dogs * good in the car * need some leash training, but overall great on walks  I think he will get snapped up right away! He’s such a…

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Ray Charles


UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: Ray has made huge strides and he is house trained! When he was first rescued, he was pretty terrified of people. He is very trusting of my dog, four times his size, and stays near her or approaches me as soon as she does. In just 24 hours, he came out…

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Mary Wells

Mary Wells Mary Wells and duck

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Hello my name is “Lady Gaga” formerly known as Mary. I’m a party girl, if you think puppies sleep a lot, you are dead wrong: I can go the whole day till 1.30 and I’m up again at 6.30 even if you play and walk with me a lot. I’m a small girl, but…

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Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson SMOKEY & MARVIN

Little Smokey R. is goin’ to a gogo and wants you to come along! He wants to cruise right into your heart, and your lap! Brother of the beautiful Marvin Gaye.

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Marvin Gaye


Hey, what’s goin’ on? We heard through the grapevine that this little  almost 2-month old maltipoo and his brother were crying tears of a clown because they were at the shelter, so we had to scoop them up. Playful puppy, brother of Smokey Robinson.

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Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight Gladys Knight Dragani

RECENT UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Gladys Knight a dog who loves to sit on your lap, but she is an energizer bunny on walks! She is such a sweet dog, she’ll melt your heart in a nanosecond! At home, she’s beyond easygoing, preferring to curl up in your lap and give you kisses! Gladys is a…

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Barry Gordy

Barry Gordy Barry Gordy Blue

This baby  (9 month old) Pit-Pei mix is a hittsville with all the Much Love volunteers–what a face! He is sweet and friendly with both dog and (wo)man.

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Vandella VANDELLA2

Even when we’re havin’ a heat wave, this little Maltipoo won’t shed. She’s a hypoallergenic fluffball who is very shy but with some love she’ll come out of the shadows and into the spotlight!

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Martha Reeves

Martha Reeves Martha Reeves Profile

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: “We are so so happy to have Martha in our house! She is a wonderful cuddler who loves people and attention. She is calm and happy to hang out in the home and is curious about everything (but never destructive and will leave things alone when given the command). She is…

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Diana Ross

Diana Ross ??????????

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Diana is just wonderful. She is house broken and is totally well behaved. Stop! In the name of this chocolate and white 1-year old Chihuahua/lab mix! This DREAMGIRL is 9 lbs. and wants you to come on out to meet her!

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Aretha Franklin


UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: She’s awesome,  very loving already and just wants to snuggle and get a good belly rub. We put her little orange bed in our room instead of the crate and she slept on it all night.  We took her out a few times and she always went to the bathroom,  no accidents…

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Tater tater2

No Hateraters need apply! I am the sweetest, and most loving 6 year old, Chihuahua/Mexican Hairless mix EVER! I’m SO sweet, I’m DIABETIC! I was given to VCA Petville Animal Hospital by a family that could no longer take care of me, and am looking forward to the next phase of my life with my…

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Kingston Kingston.portrait2

UPDATE FROM KINGSTON’S FOSTER: Kingston is an adorable pup that has no problem rolling onto his back and welcoming wrestle matches with his siblings. He’s typically a little more apprehensive about roaming outside of his crate but once he does, he means business! He’s ready to eat, potty, and play! His back legs are a…

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Zuma Zuma and Kingston

UPDATE FROM ZUMA’S FOSTER: He is so independent that when the rest of his siblings are sleeping, he prefers to cuddle up on us and sleep on our chest! What a ham. Easily claimed my boyfriend as his new mama. Zuma is definitely the more outgoing one. He had an accident in the crate on…

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Gwen Gwen

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Gwen was reputed to be shy but she’s doing her best to roll with the big boys and fights for her shot at the food bowl. She’s fantastic with using the pee pads. Like the little rock princess that she is, she roams around with her tongue sticking out! FROM HER…

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Gavin chipup

UPDATE FROM GAVIN’S FOSTER: Gavin is a spunky little guy that often likes to wreak havoc with his look alike Zuma. They’re both big personalities that love to play. Gavin is much more receptive to playing with humans already and wishes so desperately that his hind legs could support him better so he can get…

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