Ruby Rubydog2

Got a minute? Wait till you hear my sad story. My first daddy was in the Marines and had to leave for the Philippines. He turned me into the shelter with my brother (a tiny Yorkie) crying his eyes out. i told him don’t worry about it daddy I will find us a good home…

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Sapphire Sapphire1

This beauty was pretty scared, but warms up quickly with some attention. She’s just a puppy and will need all the basic puppy training with lots of love to bring out her sparkling personality!

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Diamond Diamond1

This girl is so scruffy and cute!  She is very sweet and outgoing with a shining personality.  She LOVES people and dogs and would do best in a home with someone around a lot and another pal to play with.

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Sonny sonny1

MEET SONNY! Sonny is a gentle and friendly poodle mix with a silly head of hair! He was very sick with kennel cough and needed out of the shelter fast before he was put down. He’s being treated for the KC and thriving in a foster home where they are taking really good care of…

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Cher Cher1

MEET CHER! This gorgeous girl with shiny black hair will leave you moonstruck once you meet her! Don’t worry, making the decision to be with Cher will be easy if you’re smart enough to take the leap. Cher was a medical dog because she is limping but our xrays didn’t show anything so with some…

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Bono Bonodog1

MEET BONO! He was included on another medical urgent email to rescues – staff at SLA thought Bono was coming down with pneumonia at the shelter and so he needed out fast. He’s getting good treatment from the vets and it turns out he has bronchitis not pneumonia. He’s very friendly and loves attention from…

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Bella bella

She’s so pretty we just had to give her that name! She was a shelter favorite but nobody could see her because she was back in the medical ward because they think she had a seizure, but no one saw it, so who knows.  She’s doing great with us!  We have her on really good…

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Harry Harry Smilze

Harry is the best dog on the planet and we have had him up for adoption for too long–it makes no sense! He is great with people, kids, cats, other dogs, and has no behavioral issues whatsoever. When we first got him he had a severe allergy but is almost totally itch-free and is just…

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Annie Annie

This pretty TerriPoo is very affectionate and sweet. Annie (named after Dr. Annie at Animal Wellness Center!) is just has a great disposition and will be such an easy gal to incorporate into your family!

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Donut Donut

Like her namesake, Donut is sugar and spice and everything nice! She’s one of those gals who makes you feel like a million bucks with the flash of her smile. Her face lights up with every “good girl” she hears. It just pleases her silly to know she’s making you proud. Donut follows her friendly…

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Scooter Scooter

Meet Scooter! He is great with meeting dogs. He is a bit timid with people for maybe a few minutes then totally warms up. He is around 80% house trained. His foster parents are working on that! Scooter is a good boy when left alone. He barks only at the foster cats(occasionally), but is generally…

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Tootsie tootsie2

Tootsie is like the energizer bunny. She’ll keep going and going. So if you’re looking for a playful companion for your high energy dog, Tootsie’s your girl! She’s friendly to everyone she meets and just radiates joy. This sweet girl is a great traveler. Her fosters have taken her to Catalina and Big Bear. She…

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Marshall Marshall

If Thurgood Marshall were alive and living in Southern California, we know he’d have the good sense to snatch up our sweet Marshall! In his infinite wisdom, Justice Marshall would have been drawn to his namesake’s broad stature and quiet confidence, his strong presence and soft eyes, not to mention his gorgeous brindle coat and…

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Fredrico Freddie

Fredrico is an adult, adorable Wheaten Terrier mix with about 50 lbs of cuteness. Fred loves to go on walks and play catch with the ball. He is completely housebroken. He likes to jump as he welcomes you home, however this may not be good for little kids. He is a great watch dog, a…

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Berlin Berlin4

Berlin is an amazing dog! She was raised since she was a puppy with a single mom and her young daughter. She is about 3-4 years old now and very well socialized and sweet. She loves all people, but can be choosy with dogs so she would be a great only pet for your home….

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Killian killian5

Killian was a matted mess of a sweet Poodle at the shelter – but now after a spa day he is feeling great! Killian is a nice guy who has been severely neglected. He is shy at first, but if you are nice and calm he will warm up and climb in your lap and…

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Gumball Gumball2

Gumball is an adult, adorable Long Hair Chihuahua who we think is the mom of Bubble! We would really like to find them a home together because they adore each other and are very easy, quiet, sweet girls. They were dumped at the shelter together. They were both so scared! All the other dogs in…

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Bubble bubble2

Bubble is about 1 year old and we think the daughter of Gumball & we would love to find them a home together because they love each other so much! They are SUPER sweet and easy. They were dumped at the shelter together. They were both so scared! All the other dogs in the cage…

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Cruiser Cruiser

This little guy came running into the arms of one of our volunteers at the shelter – we just had to take him! When the shelter worker was trying to get out another dog – scrappy Cruiser snuck under her foot and leapt into the arms of our volunteer! We just couldn’t put him back!…

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Brooke Brookedog

Pure Golden Retriever, female, 12 yrs. Old . A wonder dog at this age. She walks for hours at a hefty clip, she runs around in circles playing with puppies, she’s the last to tire and the first to want to play with her toys or another dog. She’s sweet and will put her head…

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