Ridiculously adorable little scruffer alert! He’s just a fun and playful puppy ready to fill your days with activity and laughs. He will need lots of training, of course, but we promise he is worth the effort!

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Etsy Etsy3.lowres

Etsy is our miracle puppy. She was dumped at a city shelter seemingly seizing, incoherent, and unresponsive. Luckily a few Much Love volunteers happened to be at the shelter that day and upon seeing her, raced her to an emergency vet. At first the vets thought she was suffering from some kind of head trauma…

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Alice Alice

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER – Alice is the sweetest girl. She is super smart and was comfortable sleeping in a crate and housebroken within 24 hours of being at our house. She got along wonderfully with our 3yo beagle mix. Great energy on our morning walks, but also quiet during the day. She knows her basic commands…

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Gala Gala

Gala is full of kisses for everyone and her tail never stops wagging. This deliriously happy puppy will need training, of course, but she’s so fun and loving!

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Serrano serrano2

This guy is ready to keep you warm any time with snuggles because he loves to be held and get attention from people. He’s also great with other dogs.

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Chili Chili6

UPDATE FROM FOSTER: Chili is such a handsome and gregarious little pup! He loves to be with his humans and follows them from room to room, but he is also perfectly fine when we leave home. He has his own bed and will stay there if he’s told to, but if you say it’s okay,…

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Dudley Dudleyshoulder

Scruffy, sweet and adorable! Dudley is a smart little terrier who will be active and ready to help you get up and going each day. He has a bum elbow and although he’s not athletic because of it, he is totally fine to go on walks and it definitely doesn’t slow him down from wanting…

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Gladys Gladys

Gladys is a sweetheart of a dog!  She is young, playful, and has a very happy energy.  She would be a great companion for another dog, and she would be especially well-suited to a home with kids since she’s so gentle and patient.  Gladys is quiet when you leave her home alone, but be prepared…

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Corn Corn3

Terriers are known for being cute and full of personality. Check and check — Corn is a spunky and fun boy who is good with other dogs and really enjoys being with people. He’s sure to turn heads with his good looks and win people over with his friendliness.

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Cobb Cobb2

A bit scruffy and fluffy at the same time, Cobb is a fantastic terrier blend. He is active and good with other dogs. He is all set and ready to join your family!

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Slaw Slaw2

This hopeful gal isn’t quite sure how she ended up without a family, but she is confident that the right home is out there for her. She will be the most loving and dedicated gal pal you could ever hope to have! She is great with other dogs and loves to play with them. She…

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Potato Potatopark

Potato was a bit overwhelmed by the shelter so she’s beyond happy to be out of that chaos. She is a very playful and outgoing girl. She doesn’t know any strangers! She loves to play fetch with a stuffed toy and she loves to wrestle with other dogs. She is a skilled cuddler and will…

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Macaroni macaroni2

This girl is a bit on the shy side, but warms up quickly. She is good with other dogs. She will ease right into any home and a perfect companion to a family or individual.

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Hotdog HotdogSunny

Hot diggity dog is he cute! This thoughtful boy is great with other dogs and very affectionate. He is ready to add some fun and flair to his forever home.

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No side of fries necessary — Cheeseburger will fill you up with love! This adorable and playful puppy is a little guy who is big on personality. He will need training like all puppies do. He is going to grow into a fantastic companion for a family or individual.

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Melon melon2

Summer vacation and a playful puppy are a perfect combination! Melon is a sweet and friendly girl who loves other dogs and people too. She will need training since she’s a puppy, but she so much fun and so smart that training will be just another fun summer activity.

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Jello Jello2

Hello Jello! He’s a sweet treat for sure! Mellow Jello is a senior gent who is great with other dogs and adores attention from people. With a lot of wiggle in his walk, Jello is very overweight and will need someone who can make him stick to a diet and increase his activity level to…

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Soda Sodasolo

Soda is a gorgeous yellow lab/shepherd mix. She’s great around other dogs and is very bonded with her brother, Pop. They have never been separated so we want to find a home where they can stay together. They are so calm, relaxed and well-behaved. They know sit, stay and lie down and are so gentle. They…

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Pop Popsolo

Pop is a handsome yellow lab/shepherd mix. He’s great with other dogs and very bonded to his sister, Soda. They’ve never been separated so we want to keep them together. They are so calm, relaxed and well-behaved. They know sit, stay and lie down and are so gentle. They are ready to move in and fill a home…

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Amsterdam Amsterdam CU

He’s such a sweet and playful little pup. He looks like a tiny shepherd and it’s just too adorable! He’s smart and ready to learn but he needs someone committed to providing him the training that puppies require. He will be a fun and loving addition to any family or home.

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