Soda Sodasolo

Soda is a gorgeous yellow lab/shepherd mix. She’s great around other dogs and is very bonded with her brother, Pop. They have never been separated so we want to find a home where they can stay together. They are so calm, relaxed and well-behaved. They know sit, stay and lie down and are so gentle. They…

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Pop Popsolo

Pop is a handsome yellow lab/shepherd mix. He’s great with other dogs and very bonded to his sister, Soda. They’ve never been separated so we want to keep them together. They are so calm, relaxed and well-behaved. They know sit, stay and lie down and are so gentle. They are ready to move in and fill a home…

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Amsterdam Amsterdam CU

He’s such a sweet and playful little pup. He looks like a tiny shepherd and it’s just too adorable! He’s smart and ready to learn but he needs someone committed to providing him the training that puppies require. He will be a fun and loving addition to any family or home.

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Sky Sky3

NEEDS FOSTER ~ Sky was hit by a car and found on an off ramp by a good samaritan, but sadly he sat at the shelter for three weeks with a fractured hip and by the time Much Love pulled him it was too late for surgery. He needs about a month of limited activity and…

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Dublin Dublin3

He’s a delicious purebred Dachshundand and would be happy to say “top o’ the mornin’” to you every morning! He’s all kisses. He should really be in a home with another dog as he’s very social. He’s housebroken and very playful.

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Florence Florence3

What an adorable little lady she is! She’s a Pug Chihuahua mix or as we like to say, Chug.  She’s got the yummiest underbite grin. Housebroken, loves kids, loves other dogs and loves people. She’s a total cuddle bug and is ready to fill your home with love.

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Jameson Jameson2

This little tri-color character will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside just like a sip of his namesake! He’s a smooth operator and fairly mellow despite still being a puppy. He is great with everyone, dogs and people alike.

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Kahlua kahlua2

This sweet puppy was back in medical at the shelter with big lacerations on her front leg. We are getting her all fixed up by one of our vets and expect her to heal completely and be romping and playing in no time. She will need lots of training because all puppies need training, but…

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Porter Porter

Porter is pretty much perfect! He starts out shy but quickly seeks to share his love and get some in return. He’s mellow and will be an outstanding companion for an individual or a family.

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Foxtrot Foxtrotcloseup

Get ready to dance the night away with this little twinkletoes! He is a great dance partner with dogs, cats, and people. He loves a good belly rub and is a great walking buddy!  

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Jackson Jackson

ABC, he’s easy as 1,2,3…or not. Hey, all puppies are a lot of work, but they are so worth the effort! Jackson was intercepted by Much Love getting turned in at the shelter because of landlord issues with his previous home. He is very friendly and playful and will need all the training that puppies…

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Latte Latte CU

She will be a sweet and welcome addition to your mornings, afternoons and evenings! She is now a little tripod, and she’s full of love and kisses for everyone. Latte is ready to perk up your home faster than a barista can misspell your name on a cup!

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Mocha Mochalab

Mr. Mocha is a big lovable lug…big being the operative word! Someone almost loved this boy into an early grave with food, so he needs to go on a diet and exercise plan ASAP! He’s everything that we all love about Labs–friendly, loyal and eager to please.

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Eva Eva

She is a super cuddly and happy little girl now that she’s out of the shelter. Eva is still a puppy and still needs training but she will be so easy. She is ready to learn and will be listening intently with those adorable big ears!

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Beluga beluga by lee

We just got this guy returned after being adopted. Lovey dovey Black Lab—born December 2013. He is fun and playful, just a sweetie!

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Raja Raja Apple Box

Those eyes! Raja is our king of cuteness; he is about 3-years old, shy but loving to all of his subjects! 

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Byron Byron

Byron is a strapping 4 year old Boxer. In his first four years of life he’s spent much time with both human beings and canine companions. He does not discriminate no matter age, breed or gender. That being said, he does prefer companions with lots of energy and love to share. He currently lives in an apartment with…

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Gus Gus

Gus Gus gusgus2

Gus Gus is young, but he’s potty trained, well-behaved and sweet as sugar!  He loves to cuddle and he loves kids and other dogs.

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Lana (fka Mama)

Lana (fka Mama) mama by lee

This young beauty is such a sweetheart and looooves to play! She is potty trained, great with other dogs, and her foster reports she adores snuggles and kisses from humans and canines alike!

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Anushka Anushka1

Anushka is a young, playful Terrier/Chihuahua mix girl. She loves giving kisses, other dogs, cuddling under the covers and playing fetch as she has a lot of energy. She is house broken and crate trained.

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